The whole world says goodbye to the happiest memory that Mr. Bean gave us

Rowan Atkinson, recognized for his character as Mr. Bean, became a reference to the world with his unique performance that also reached the cartoon, highlighting an irreplaceable memory from which he said goodbye to start a new stage. Keep reading…

Rowan Atkinsonbest known for his character mr beanfills homes with joy with his interpretations and occurrences that for years have conquered the homes of the viewing public, in addition to the particular way of transmitting humor without practically saying a single word.

It should be noted that beyond the acting environment, his extraordinary garage that has countless exclusive models of great monetary valuewhich according to the analysts of the show can be considered a multimillionaire before any car fan.

However, both the actor and his fictional character have a special fondness for carswhere obviously Mr. Bean owns the iconic model of the series, a Classic Mini manufactured in 1974, excellent performance, top speed of 120 km/h and functionality with 848 cc and 37 hp at 5,500 rpm.

Nevertheless, Atkinson stated in an interview that he would not do his character again. because he considered it “stressful and exhausting”, which is why many fired the happiest memory of the famous figure, but that beyond not bringing it back to life, its iconic vehicle without the main owner at the wheel still generates nostalgia in its fans.

It is clear that his memory represents a goodbye to the one who became the reason for history, since currently the hopes of driving his Classic Mini as it did in the past, they are practically nil, according to interviews reported in the world’s main media outlets.

+ Images of the Mr. Bean Mini Classic:

Mr. Bean in his iconic Mini Classic

Mr. Bean in his iconic Mini Classic

Mr. Bean in his iconic Mini Classic

Interior of the iconic Mini Classic

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