The whole world surprised by the goodbye of the great love of Mr. Bean

Rowan Atkinson, recognized for his character Mr. Bean, has one of the most millionaire garages on television, although in a special interview, he revealed the model that was his great love, to which he had to say goodbye for a reason that impressed everyone. Keep reading…

Rowan Atkinsonbest known for his character mr beanfills homes with joy with his interpretations and occurrences that for years have conquered the homes of the viewing public, in addition to the particular way of transmitting humor without practically saying a single word.

It should be noted that beyond the acting environment, its extraordinary garage is also known, which has an infinity of exclusive models of great monetary value, which according to show analysts can be considered a multimillionaire before any car fan.

One of the most expensive in his collection is the McLaren F1what According to his followers on social networks, it was his great love, whose value oscillates in 20 million dollars offering a V12 engine, a compound cooling system with gold material, power of 620CV, a six-speed manual gearbox, an imposing coupé-type body at speed that travels more than 300km/h and impeccable performance.

However, this special model suffered exactly two spectacular accidents in the hands of the actor, reasons that led him to say goodbye. The first time, she collided with another car causing damage to her hood and the second time, with greater risk, she injured her shoulder crashing into a tree and a traffic signal, ending her ship in flames.

Obviously, the costs of repairing your McLaren F1 with gold pieces, they exceeded a million dollars and when he sold it later, he received five times less than what he invested when he bought it.

THE actor in his luxury car

+ Look at the images of how the McLaren F1 was left after the accident:

The accident in the McLaren F1

The accident in the McLaren F1

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