The wild life of Melanie Griffith before Antonio Banderas: lions, coffins and excesses

Melanie Griffith, American film actress, winner of the Golden Globe, had a crazy love life before meeting Antonio Banderas. The artist is the daughter of actress and model Tippi Hedren and publicist Peter Griffith; besides being the mother of the actress dakota johnson. Over a career spanning nearly four decades, she has worked with several of Hollywood’s biggest actors, scoring his first hit in “Body Double.”

Griffith She was always a somewhat uncontrolled young woman, leading her own mother to affirm that it was easier to handle lions than to raise her. However, many of her decisions were affected by her strange childhood, since her career began at a very early age at the hands of Alfred Hitchcock. The famous director had taken as his muse the mother of melanie, Tippi Hedren, Hitchcock has been recognized for his abusive character and taking his actresses to the extreme; the director of “Psycho” gave a boost to Melanie Griffith’s career when she was a child by being the daughter of Hedren with whom Hitchcock had a kind of obsession. As with his mother, the master of suspense was “Insane, cruel and vindictive” with the little 6-year-old actress; he came to give her a small coffin that inside contained a doll characterized and dressed as her mother, thus causing terror in whom she would later become the wife of Antonio Banderas.

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