The Wolfman: Jason Blum confirms the film with Ryan Gosling and anticipates the arrival of new Universal monsters


The Wolfman script, focus on werewolves starring Ryan Gosling, is in development, but Jason Blum teases that there are more Universal monsters on the way.

The manufacturer Jason Blum reassured fans about the development of the announced The Wolfman, reinterpretation of the horror classic with Ryan Gosling, and anticipated the arrival of new Universal monsters.

Producer Jason Blum in a promotional photo of Anarchy - Judgment Night

Producer Jason Blum in a promotional photo of Anarchy – Judgment Night

Universal wants to revive its classic monsters. At first, the studio created high-budget films under the Dark Universe label, but the amount of money invested in The Mummy didn’t have the desired return even in the face of a $ 400 million gross. The studio has therefore decided to change pace by collaborating with Blumhouse Productions and screenwriter / director Leigh Whannell on The Invisible Man, which was made with a budget of only 7 million, grossing 143. Now Blumhouse and Whannell are ready to make a version of The Wolfman for Universal with Ryan Gosling as the protagonist.

“The Wolfman is in development, we are working on the script, we have to have the right script, that Ryan Gosling feels comfortable with,” explained Jason Blum.

Gosling must be satisfied with the script because this version of The Wolfman is based on a step he brought himself to Universal. Variety said it is


Variety has revealed that it was Gosling himself who proposed to Universal the subject that seems to be set in the present on the model of the thriller The Jackal – Nightcrawler, but with a supernatural twist. Ryan Gosling is supposed to play an anchorman who becomes infected with a werewolf. Taking care of the script are Lauren Schuker Blum, the wife of Jason Blum, and Rebecca Angel.

The Exorcist, Jason Blum: “The reboot will be truly terrifying!”

But the news boiling in the pot for Blumhouse does not end there. Jason Blum reveals that The Wolfman isn’t the only Universal monster-inspired script in development:

“We have two or three projects that we are developing. They haven’t been announced yet, so I can’t talk about them. But the situation with the Universal monsters is no different than before. Universal is in charge of the Universal monsters, but we found some ideas that they liked. . And hopefully we’ll turn them into movies. “


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