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A star was born on 2 December 1981 in Mississippi, United States. Little did the world, she and her family know that so many surprises were in store for little girl Britney Jean Spears.

From a very young age, she was preparing to be a part of the show, a place that was unknown to her and the people around her… Two decades later, that little girl from Mississippi has written about her life through an autobiography. Tells the story which she herself defines as “impressive”. .” A story about freedom, fame, motherhood, survival, faith and hope.

At 277 pages, “The Woman in Me” features a “nude” Spears in each chapter telling her story and the people who marked her life.

The book is not based on the show’s scandals and what many of us experienced through the tabloids, but on Spears herself expressing everything we allegedly knew.

The artist said in an interview that “the time has come for his voice to be heard and his fans deserve to hear it straight from him, without any conspiracies or lies, just taking into account his past, present and future.”

These memoirs also describe his difficult childhood, based on his parents’ frequent fights and his father’s addiction, his teenage years were full of chaos, in which he did not do what a normal teenager would do and Worked and tried to rule supreme. A typical teenager, her first love, her preparation, her love for sports, the years spent under her father’s tutelage, the obvious difference between how male and female artists treat each other when talking about sexuality, One of the most painful moments of his life (when he got his head shaved in the barber shop), abuse, insults, among other great milestones in the personal and professional life of the artist.

Each of the 49 chapters is told with a narrative that makes us enter the story and feel like we are living in that moment (it would have been wonderful to have images of some of the stories told there).

Although it is a biography of the artist, “The Woman in Me” was not written by Spears alone as it was a collaboration of three writers: Ada Calhoun, Sam Lansky, and Luke Dempsey, all with experience writing biographies and fantasy novels.

The support of these writers was essential to be able to create a good story and make it easy and bearable to read.

Produced by Editorial Gallery Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, the book, which was published in 26 languages, came into circulation on October 24 this year and became a bestseller for The New York Times, selling 1.1 million copies. first week.

“The Woman in Me”, Audiobook

Actress Michelle Williams was in charge of voicing the audio version of Spears’ memoirs. Britney is part of the audiobook’s introduction, while Williams is in charge of telling the rest of the story.

For 5 hours and 31 minutes, Williams brings Britney to life as she narrates the events of this fascinating story. Michelle’s reviews were so good that netizens demanded an Oscar nomination for her performance.


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