The women in music who did invoice their love breakups

The love breakups They are painful experiences, but some singers have managed to take advantage of it, not just Shakira. Adele, Taylor Swift and Paquita la del Barrio are some examples of artists who have monetized their breakups or feelings of spite and have achieved success through their music.


The Venezuelan Briella says that Shakira has been inspired by one of her songs

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His music has been influenced by his personal relationships. one of her first boyfriends Oscar Ulloa (with whom he was close to four years), was the inspiration for a mega-theme like ‘Anthology’a song that begins with a little tenderness to lead to a bitter end.

His relationship with the actor Osvaldo Riosseventeen years older than her, gave a lot to talk about, and he gave her a lot to compose.

The son of the former Argentine president, Antonio de la Ruawith whom he spent eleven years, a time quite similar to the one he had with Pique (twelve) is not far behind either. The difference is that the song that Shakira he dedicated it, he wrote it at his best as a couple so it’s pure love, without any resentment. After her breakup with De la Rúa, Shakira released her album “The Sun Comes Out” where you can listen to songs like “Crazy” Y “Waka waka” which are a clear reference to their breakup and their independence.


Shakira and Bizarrap’s song breaks records on YouTube: 64M in 24 hours

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But the artistic creation of Shakira He has not stopped and has come to light after his separation with the footballer Gerard Piqué, with whom he formed one of the most famous couples in the world and has 2 children. The Colombian singer has released three hit songs in which she talks about her breakup. The first was “I congratulate you” with Rauw Alejandro, released in August 2022 and exceeded 200 million views on YouTube just over a month after its release. Taking advantage and inspiration of her mediatic breakup with the urban singer ozuna public Monotony. In the first 21 hours after its premiere, the song reached more than 16 million views and more than a million ‘likes’ on Youtube.

The artist had never been so aggressive in dedications to her exes until today. The session 53 next to the argentinian dj bizarre It reached two million views on YouTube in just 20 minutes. Perhaps this is the last and serves to close cycles.


Bizarrap, the producer of the moment and Shakira’s accomplice

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Another artist who has made the most of her breakups. Her album “21” is considered one of the best albums of the decade and contains songs like “Someone Like You” Y “Set Fire to the Rain” which were written after her breakup with her ex-boyfriend.

Taylor Swift

Artist who has monetized his breakups. Her songs often tell stories about her past relationships and her album “1989” is considered one of his best works, and contains songs like Blank Space Y “Bad Blood” that were inspired by their past relationships.


Shakira: “Women no longer cry, women bill”

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Paquita of the neighborhood

She has taken advantage of her loving breakups. Known for her unique style and her songs full of irony and satire, Paquita has written several songs about her past relationships, such as “Two-legged rat” Y “Take it” They are a clear reflection of your style and personality.

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