The women who dominate the list of the best singers of all time

More and more artists are trying to break through in music by creating or adding to existing genres, but few voices have left industry footprint and they marked history with their letters. like those women with an indomitable spirit whose power on stage continues to conquer generations and remain as a fight symbol in the midst of an era that tried to stop them.

Magazine rollingstone recently launched the list of “One hundred best singers of all time”and in this one there are women whose names remain unchanged as their presence in the industry, even when some of them have left the earthly plane to stay in the hearts of the public with their music and manage to inspire new talents.

Aretha Franklin, the so-called “Queen of Soul”. Photo: IG @arethafranklin

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In addition to expressing feelings, music often portrays moments in history with its lyrics and the singers are a symbol of an era. This is the case of Aretha Franklinthe so-called “Queen of Soul”, which is considered a feminist symbol since it expressed strength, sensuality and the indomitable spirit of women in an age where this could be considered irreverent.

“Think”, “Do Right Woman” and “(You Make Me Feel Like) A natural woman”, are some of the songs with which he remains popular with the public. Her equality and freedom made noise with her voice and throughout her career she was recognized on multiple occasions, such as in 1994 with a grammy for his trajectory. She sang for presidents like Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, as well as at the funeral of Martin Luther King Jr.

Aretha Franklin made different collaborations, including one with Whitney Houston who is also on the list of the best singers and has an extensive career in the industry for which she expressed her passion and talent from an early age. She grew up in a gospel environment and although she got her start in fashion working for magazines like Glamour, she soon followed in the footsteps of her mother, Cissy Houston.

“Saving all my love for you” was one of his first successes and in addition to opening the doors in music for him, he won a Grammy. It remained number one on the popularity charts and broke records, surpassing artists like The Beatles or Bee Gees, says Hola magazine. His voice became immortal in tapes like “The Bodyguard” and this also gave him the opportunity to show a different facet.

Whitney Houston among the hundred greatest singers of all time. Photo: IG @whitneyhouston

Billie Holiday he remains on the list of the famous magazine thanks to the power of his voice. Also called Lady Day, she was considered one of the most important female voices in jazz as well as Ella Fitzgerald. Her strength and perseverance not only inspired women, but also other stars in the industry such as Frank Sinatra, who on more than one occasion expressed that she had been “his biggest influence.”

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Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston have not only inspired new talent, established artists have followed in their footsteps and leave their mark on R&B with their lyrics. This is the case of Mariah Carey, who recently gave something to talk about after it was revealed in Luis Miguel’s bioseries that she was one of the singer’s great loves until ambition and fame managed to put an end to her romance.

Her talent, beauty and powerful voice have made her one of the biggest stars in music today and, recently, a symbol of Christmas for his version of “All I Want for Christmas Is You” that each season sounds all over the world. She enjoys an impeccable career, although her personal life has managed to overshadow her success and she divorces her with the businessman. Tommy Mottola is one of the moments that marked her: “I used to think… ‘Why do I feel so miserable?’ She noticed that she was not as happy as other artists my age and all because I was not living my own life, “she said in an interview taken up by Hola magazine.

Beyonce He is also on the list of the “One Hundred Greatest Singers of All Time” and, like Mariah Carey, among the artists who managed to inspire her stand out Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston. All of them symbol of fortressfight and self-confidence that they reflect both in their songs and on stage, where they make every moment their own and conquer those who witness their talent.

Single Ladies”, “If I Were a Boy” and “Crazy in love” are some of the songs with which Beyonce She continues on the popularity charts, without neglecting her passion for fashion that has made her a benchmark in this industry thanks to her unique style with which she exudes elegance and glamour. The singer, producer and composer is considered, according to Vogue magazine, as the “best artist of the 2000s”.

Beyoncé has left her mark on music thanks to her talent. Photo: IG @beyonce


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