The World Cup is played in the house of God. relief

William Garcia

Jakarta.- There will be a divine touch to its celebration with matches taking place in the 2023 Basketball World Cup philippine arenaAn architectural marvel which is the largest pavilion in the world with a capacity of 55,000 spectators and was built by the Iglesia ni CristoFinanced by contributions from its parishioners.

in there Pavilion built on more than 140 hectares of land The first World Cup match between two different municipalities (Bocau and Sta Maria, Bulacan) will be played between Italy and Angola at a venue that will also host the opening day match between hosts Philippines and the Dominican Republic. Group A.

legally The pavilion is owned by the University of Nueva Era, educational institution Iglesia ni Cristo, A branch of Christianity was born in the Philippines more than three million followers and it did not have a venue with sufficient capacity to hold its functions and its celebrationsSo he commissioned the construction of a large pavilion to the Korean studio Hanwha Engineering & Construction.

The cost of the work was over $200 million ($213 to be exact) which came from donations from parishioners. In fact All members of this church are required to donate a portion of their salary For the various functions of the Iglesia ni Cristo, among which this Philippine Arena stands out.

A venue in which, in addition to basketball, tennis matches, boxing matches and concerts by artists such as Katy Perry or groups such as U2 or Guns N’ Roses have been held. However, its religious character makes it Iglesia ni Cristo can veto events held there and it’s a violation of their principles As can anything related to betting houses… or cockfighting.

Top representatives of the Iglesia ni Cristo, which was founded in 1914 by Felix Manalo and bases its beliefs on the Bible, refuse to publicly disclose the organization’s membership numbers, but the Philippine National Statistics Office Says they are over 3 million. It would become the third religion in the Asian archipelago after Catholicism and Islam.,

It features commitment It is the faithful who must attend religious ceremonies at least twice a weekSomething that is recorded on a card. Men and women live separately during ceremonies, in addition to following certain dress rules. Congress has a lot of power in the Philippines it’s the faithful vote for the candidate the church tells them,

William Garcia

Guillermo Garcia, fond of basketball since childhood, managed to make the game of basket his profession. With bachelor’s and master’s degree in Humanities from Carlos III University

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