“The worst days of my life have been as Barcelona coach”


Xavi Hernandez He participated this Tuesday in a round table that served to inaugurate the ‘Casa de l’Esport’, a space for clubs in his hometown, Terrassa. The technician of Barcelona responded to statements by laporta, who assured that he would like to renew it even if they lost LaLiga. Of course, the coach’s condition is that he must feel that the dressing room supports him in each of his decisions.

Laporta said that he wanted to renew it

“I would be at Barça all my life, it is my home, but I depend on the results. Barça is very lucky to have a president like him. ‘Jan’ is my friend, he is very reliable and has a good face. This is not about money or years of contract, but about the fact that I want the club to do well. The day he feels that I don’t convince the players, I’ll go home. First, the results. Then we’ll talk about my future.”

The difficulty of being the DT of Barcelona

“I am constantly judged and criticized. It’s hard, I have a family and small children. There are many moments in which it is not worth being a Barça coach. And more if you are culé like me. It is very hard when they tell you that you are useless or that you have no personality. Sometimes you don’t find out about the criticism and a friend calls you telling you that they are killing you”.

“The worst days of my life have been as Barça coach. In many cases I have asked myself the question of whether it compensates. I don’t need anything financially… but I’m from Barça and I want to help the club”.

Xavi Hernández has a contract with Barcelona until June 2024.

Barcelona’s style

“If someone represents the ‘Barça DNA’, it’s me. I want my team to have the ball. I have cold sweat when it is not. But football is not a play, there is always a rival that tries to screw you up. I would never in my life betray the style that has fed me. If I am someone in the world of sport, it is thanks to him”.

It has been criticized in recent days

“You have a game plan, but you have to adapt to the circumstances. Defending is a very important part of football”.

Transfers for the next season

“Barça always has to reinforce itself. Like it or not, this is going to pay off. At Barça everything has to be excellent. There are always changes. We will depend a lot on ‘fair play’, but we will try to strengthen the team. We are doing a general reconstruction.”

team goals

“We have to be more competitive in Europe. The examination of the Champions League and the Europa League has told us that we are still not as competitive as we want to be”.

La Liga leaders

“Everyone would have signed to be nine points behind Madrid in the month of March. I am very proud of my footballers. The players are understanding the things that I transmit to them. And this is very enjoyable.”

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