The young man who lives hidden in a Siberian forest to escape Putin’s recruitment

Adam Kalinin with an ax and his face covered by a scarf.

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Adam Kalinin has been living in a Russian forest for four months.

When Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization of Russian men last September, it took Adam Kalinin—not his real name—a week to decide that the best thing to do was move to the forest.

From the beginning, the computer scientist was against the war, for which he received a fine and spent two weeks in detention after pasting a sign saying “No to war” on the wall of his apartment building.

So when Russia announced the call for up to 300,000 men to help turn around the war it was losing, Kalinin didn’t want to risk being sent to the front lines to kill Ukrainians.

Unlike hundreds of thousands of other people, however, I didn’t want to leave the country. Three things kept him in Russia: friends, financial constraints and the anxiety of leaving what he knows.

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