The young woman accused of separating Piqu and Shakira denies that she is to blame

Dafter the breakup between Gerard Piqu and Shakira all the unknowns were directed to the possible reason for this separation: a new footballer’s love. At the moment, all the television programs and the media ventured to give data and all agreed on a young woman who worked as a waitress and hostess for one of the company of piqueas ahead ‘save me‘.

This alleged 22-year-old is the Gerard Piqu’s “new illusion”for which he would have put an end to the relationship of twelve years with the Colombian artistbut the program ‘Socialite‘ has gone further. The young woman, who responds to the initials of CM, hHe has spoken exclusively with the Telecinco program on a phone call of more than 15 minutes. The testimony of him, they affirm, gives “a 180 degree turn everything that is known so far about the situation between footballer and artist.

Socialite‘, he got in touch with the girl, thanks to a person in common between the girl and Laura Roche, program reporter. In this way, they were able to speak for more than 15 minutes and he has already left his first statements. “She’s overwhelmed with all thisI didn’t think that the information could come to light”, says Laura Roig.

The young woman wants to “tell her truth

“This reversal of information about Shakira Y pique comes in the form of declarations of cm, who wants to tell his truth. “She has been involved in this story unintentionally and she wants to make her truth clear, she wants to remain anonymous but she has given us permission to transcribe the conversation we have had with her,” adds the journalist from ‘Socialit’.

CM’s words

“I would like to clarify that I don’t know Gerard Piqu at allthey have related me to him nonsense because of the description of the supposed girl and they have awarded me the role taking advantage of the fact that I do not have social networks because I am in final exams (…) It’s not me and I don’t know herso I ask you to please leave me alone, people are riddled me for things I have not done, anything that comes out with my name will be answered with a lawsuit (…) I do not understand why they have put me in through, I guess because they need someone to avoid the subject and mislead, although what they have told me is that the real girl is going to come out soon, I hope that way they leave me alone and I can go back to studying quietly, which is what matters to me.”

It’s not CM, it’s CC

That is to say, CM’s initials, and the young woman’s statements are proof that she has been a bait for all her “professional colleagues”, affirms Laura Roig. The identity is a missing name that has been leaked on purpose and responds not to CM, but to CC. The full name of the young woman in question “will come out shortly”, according to the words of the young woman who spoke with ‘Socialit’.

This girl, the real one, She is a young woman from Barcelona, ​​very fine and that he actually met Piqu in the place that has been mentioned, and according to what they tell me this girl would have gone to see him in more than one football game“, ends the reporter of ‘Socialit’.

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