The Zunta contributed 154,000 euros to the development of the Ecogo program of the Monte do Gozo Foundation.

The Zunta de Galicia, through the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth, this year provides 154,000 euros for the development of the ‘Acougo’ program in Proxecto Homes, developed by the Monte do Gozo Foundation. The initiative is specifically targeted at people suffering from psychiatric disorders resulting from psychoactive substance abuse, the most common of which are schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder or obsessive compulsive disorder.

Arturo Parrado, General Director of Social Inclusion, discussed today the continuation of this program with Ramon Gómez, Managing Director of the Monte del Gojo Foundation. Ekogo aims at care, rehabilitation and social reintegration and is carried out in residential or semi-residential regimes depending on the users’ autonomy and their family situation.

The Galician government finances 100% of the cost of the nine venues. Through this approach, individualized attention is provided and includes participation in self-help groups, educational-training seminars, vocational workshops and the acquisition of social skills, physical-sports activities and family groups and seminars, as well as other interventions .

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