Themes of EFE Spain Day for Saturday, November 11, 2023

european socialist

MALAGA – Pedro Sánchez, secretary general of the PSOE and acting president of the government, speaks at the Congress of the Party of European Socialists held in Málaga, a day after securing the 179 votes that will allow him to be sworn in as president. Government again…

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population statistics

MADRID – The population of most of Spain’s provinces has increased over the past two years, by more than 40,000 inhabitants, mainly due to the arrival of immigrants. By Eduardo Sobreviella.

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Work Technology (Interview)

VALENCIA – Adrián Todoli, professor of labor and social security law at the University of Valencia, in an interview with EFE, warned of a paradigm shift in the work environment, where employees execute orders dictated by artificial intelligence algorithms, a Risks that have positive and negative aspects and that can lead to polarization of society.

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Prostitution Spain (Interview)

Madrid – Beatriz Rania Treviño, doctor in sociology and feminist researcher, analyzes the invisible image of the “prostitute” in the essay “Prostitution”. Men, masculinity and prostitution. By Violeta Molina Gallardo.

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Gijón Cinema

Gijón – With almost 40,000 spectators, the Gijón International Film Festival (FICX) has become one of the largest audiences compared to other events held in other cities with larger populations and bigger budgets, something that its director said. Alejandro Díaz Castaño equates it to “winning the football league with a small team”. By Juan Gonzalez.

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National Heritage

Aranjuez (Madrid) – The Casa del Labrador, a mansion built in Aranjuez at the end of the 18th century by King Carlos IV for his vacations, was deteriorating dangerously due to moisture that was eating away at the wood of its foundation, But today it is close to regaining its lost glory.

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bookstore culture

Valencia – The money won in a televised contest made the dream of opening a bookstore come true for Héctor Gómez, who on the occasion of Bookstore Day claims the need for the existence of these establishments, because “the more, the better.” They contribute to it. “People love to read.”

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Christmas Restoration

Madrid – Christmas is approaching and, once again, it will be hit by inflation; In hospitality, while restaurants refine their purchases from suppliers to control spending, reservation data confirms that Christmas celebrations with family and friends ahead of the holidays are not in jeopardy regardless of the economic situation.

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information agenda


08:15 – Málaga. – Foreign Presidents. – Acting President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, meets with the Prime Ministers of Germany, Olaf Scholz; Denmark, Mette Frederiksen; Malta, Robert Abela, and Romania, Marcel Ciolacu.

10:00 – Málaga. – European Socialists. – General Secretary of the PSOE and acting President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, speaks at the Congress of the Party of European Socialists, held in Málaga. Congress Palace and Streaming. (text) (photo) (video) (audio)

10:15 am-Santiago de Compostela.- BNG parties.- The national spokesperson of the BNG, Ana Ponton, intervenes in the Science and Innovation Day organized by her political training. Hotel Compostela. (text) (photo)

11:00 am – Vitoria – PP parties – The president of the Popular Party of the Basque Country, Javier de Andrés, is seen giving his opinion on the agreement between PSOE and PNV. PP Headquarters. (text) (photo)

11:00 am – Mataró (Barcelona). – PP match. – The autumn school of Barcelona’s PP starts in Mataró, with Alejandro Fernández, Manu Reyes, Javier García Albiol and Carmen Funez, among others. Hotel URH Ciutat de Mataro. Camie Ral de la Mercé, 648. (text)

11:30 am – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. – PSOE Parties. – The Secretary General of PSOE Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, appears at a press conference following his party’s agreement with the Canarian Coalition for Nationalist Formation. Support the inauguration of Pedro Sánchez and the state budget for the next four years. Avenue John XXIII, 11. (text) (photo)

12:00 – Sant Vicenc dels Horts (Barcelona).- General parties. – Jessica Albiach, president of En Comu Podem in the Parliament, addresses the media from the open house of the Baix Llobregat in Saint-Vicenc dels Horts. Virginia Amposta Civic Center. (c/ Antoine Mampel, 1-3. (Text)

12:00 pm -Santander. – Israel Palestine. – “Let’s stop the genocide in Palestine” is the motto of the demonstration, which has been called by more than twenty groups, and which will pass from the Plaza de Numancia through the streets of Granada. City Hall. Numancia Square. (text) (photo)

12:00 pm – Madrid – Western Sahara – Demonstration of support for Western Sahara under the motto ‘International Law Path, Freedom Destiny’ led by the State Coordinator of Solidarity Associations with Sahara among others. From Atocha to Plaza de Jacinto Benavente. (text) (photo) (video) (audio)

12:00 – Santiago de Compostela – PSDEG Parties – The PSDEG candidate for presidency of the Junta, José Ramón Gómez Besteiro, appears before the press at the celebration of the Galician National Executive Commission. Campus. Pino Street. (text) (photo)

12:30 pm – Málaga. – PP parties. – The PP’s general coordinator, Elias Bendodo, and the party’s provincial president, Patricia Navarro, report on current affairs. Pompidou Center next to the Cube and Streaming. (text) (video) (audio)

12:30 pm – Pamplona. – Israel Palestine. – Demonstration called by the Palestinerekin Elkartasuna collective in solidarity with the Palestinian people. Castle Plaza. (Basic lesson)

16:00 – Barcelona. – Israel Palestine. – Demonstration calling for the government to end arms trade with Israel, which they accuse of carrying out genocide in Gaza. University Square. (text) (video) (audio)


09:45 am- Madrid.- Rickets Health.- The Spanish Association of Inherited Rickets and Osteomalacia celebrates a day under the motto “Celebrating Our Future”, inaugurated by Juan Carrion, President of the Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases (FEDER) . Sebastian Herrera Street, 15. (text)

12:00 pm – Vitoria – Health protest – The coordinator of civil platforms in defense of public health has called for demonstrations in the three Basque capitals against the intention to refer patients to private clinics in order to reduce waiting lists. bilbao square. (text) (video) (audio)

1:30 pm- Gijón.- Alzheimer’s Congress.- The 10th National Alzheimer’s Congress, which gathered more than half a thousand experts for four days, ended with the reading of the “Gijón Declaration”. Congress Palace.

Culture and Trends

11:30 am- Seville.- Benidorm Fest.- RTVE presents the 16 artists selected to participate in Benidorm Fest 2024. Teatro Alameda.

11:30 am-Bilbao.- Zinebi Cinema.- The Bilbao International Documentary and Short Film Festival, Zinebi, organizes a meeting on the dissemination and internationalization of short films. Sala Bastida, Azcuna Zentroa.

12:00 pm – Bilbao. – Documentary cinema. – Zinebi Festival hosts a “Reflecting Gesture” session. Watch Cinema, Listen and Understand”, in collaboration with the Basque Federation of Associations of Deaf People Euskal Gorrak. Golem Cinemas.

12:00- Madrid.- Photography Madrid.- Michel Lefebvre, French journalist and expert in war photography, inaugurated the fifth edition of the Robert Capa Festival. C/Pironsley, 10.

12:30 pm – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – WOMAD Las Palmas – Artists and groups Mamafrica Band, Patience J, Rocío Márquez & Broncio, Tash Carey + Joe Henwood, Hirhi Afonso and Germán López appear at a press conference. The opportunity to perform at the WOMAD Festival in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The stage of the Plaza de la Música.

7:30 p.m.- Oviedo.- Campoamor Catwalk.- Isabel Sanchis, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Malone and Charme star in the sixth edition of Wedding with Maria by Josechu Santana, Campoamor Passarella. Camphor Theatre.

7:50 pm – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – WOMAD Las Palmas – Concerts by Mamafrica Band (6:50 pm), Hirahi Afonso (8:00 pm), Mulatu Astatke (10:00 pm), Sami Rae and The Las The third day of the WOMAD festival in Palmas de Gran Canaria featured Friends (23:00), Bala Desejo (0:00), and O. (01:00). Music Park/Rincon Park.

20:30 – Zaragoza. – Valeria Castro. – Palma Singer Valeria Castro, a candidate for one of the Latin Grammys, lands in Zaragoza with a concert at the Teatro de las Esquinas, with all the tickets sold out. Corner Theatre.

9:00 pm- Arona (Tenerife).- Quevedo Music.- The Canarian singer Quevedo ends his national tour in Arona (Tenerife). Antonio Dominguez Olympic Stadium.

9:30 pm – Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife). – Music concerts. – Australian percussionist Nasreen Rahmani, nominated for a Latin Grammy Awards, performs a concert at the Ritmos Handmade festival in Puerto de la Cruz. Andromeda Room.

11:30 pm – Medinaceli (Soria). – Jubilo Bull. – The Soria town of Medinaceli once again organizes the traditional Jubilo Bull, a spectacle declared of regional tourist interest that consists of firing fire into the appliques mounted on the horns of the animal. Burns, and against which many animal groups, including PACMA, are protesting. (Text) (Photo) (Video). The animal protest is scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m.



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