Theories arise about the universe of the Fantastic 4 in MCU

the things in the Marvel Cinematic Universe they are making more and more changes within their stories, and now that the second film of Doctor Strange: Into the Multiverse of Madnesshas let us know a little more about the multiverse and everything that comes with knowing more, Marvel Studios seems to have big plans to integrate fantastic four, X Men Y the inhumans to their ranks.


If you haven’t watched the Doctor Strange sequel yet, we might reveal things you might want to see for yourself in the movie theater.

That’s right, we’re talking full spoilers for Doctor Strange: Into the Multiverse of Madness, especially for all those who have not yet seen it; and next, we will talk about the cameos shown in the movie of Marvel Studiosand many of the characters that we could see.

You will see, just as we expected, the sequel to Doctor Strange has opened the doors of the multiverse, giving entrance to a lot of characters from the franchise, that we haven’t had a chance to look inside Marveland although some of those who meet her, only appear to reveal some previews of what Marvel have planned. As you may recall, there were a couple that were kept under wraps and took fans by surprise, but even though we all knew the Illuminati would be in the movie, the final seat at that table was the favorite for most. fans.

The expected income of Professor Charles Xavierthe smartest man in the world, who appears along with reed richardsleader of The Fantastic Fourinterpreted by John Krasinskiwho became a fan favorite.

So, Krasinski What Reed only has a few short scenes in the movie, but introduces some important terms of marvel comics in the lexicon of MCU by revealing the concept of incursions to Stephen Strange from benedict cumberbatchwhich makes it an important part of the career of Jonathan Hickman in the new avengerssomething that at least so far we believe to be direct access to Secret Warsbut also something Reed does within the pages of marvel comicssince the fact that Reed be present for an exchange of dialogue with stranger and then in another where he faces Wanda MaximoffIt has more weight than we might think.

And yes, this scene implies some important things, like that his wife Sue Storm and his two sons, franklin Y Valerie Richardsexist on this Earth designated as 838, where we can enjoy this character, although unfortunately only for a short time, since seeing him stretch a little, Wanda turns him into spaghetti and blows his head up mercilessly; So now the question is:John Krasinski will play reed richards in the film MCU from Fantastic Four?…

The reality is that we could not know, but, the release of all the illuminati on Earth-838 seems to imply that variants of these characters that are completely different from the ones on the Earth-616 from MCU (the main universe where we have been all these years), as well as introducing Patrick Stewart What Charles Xavier, Anson Mount What black-bolt Y John Krasinski What reed richards, seems to come from the wishes of the fans mainly; while the use of Mary Rambeau from Lashana Lynch as the captain Marvel from 838 and Peggy Carter from Hayley Atwell as the “Captain Carter” from 838 is a direct spin on what we have for those characters on Earth-616.

So the steve rogers from Chris Evans It was him Captain America Y Carol Danver from Brie Larson what is the Captain Marvelby that logic, the Professor X, black-bolt Y Mr.Fantastic of the MCU could well be different, this could even happen to Karl Mordo from Chiwetel Ejioforthe only actor who plays the same character on Earth-838 as on Earth-616, who is the Sorcerer Supremedespite being a different alignment than his version of MCU.

Now, let’s talk about everything we know about The Fantastic Four in it MCUas Marvel Studios is developing a version of Marvel’s First Family for the big screen, but recently had a setback when director jon watts pulled out of the project, so no official release date has been announced, and the fact that no official details about the potential future of MCU from John Krasinski nowhere does he seem to allude that he might not be reed richards in MCU.

Doing with this, that things can change naturally, but at this time it seems that the appearance of the star of office as leader of The Fantastic Four it was something that will only happen this time; and refering to The Fantastic Four, X Men Y the inhumansThey have now entered the Marvel Cinematic Universebut according to the tape Doctor StrangeNone of them made it out alive. illuminati tribunal; so it remains for us to wait and see what direction they will take within the MCU.

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