There are 11 dead and six arrested

The Undersecretary of Security and Citizen Protection, Ricardo Mejia Berdeja reported that six alleged members of “The Mexicans” were arrested for the acts of violence recorded yesterday in Ciudad Juárez, in which 11 people died.

At the President’s press conference Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador the federal official said that at this time Ciudad Juarez is calm and public order has been restored.

“The persecution continues against those who participated in these events derived from the fight that originated in Cereso 3 of Ciudad Juárez between Los Chapos and Los Mexicles.

“Part of the groups that were generating these criminal events, in different points of Ciudad Juárez, are already detained, are identified as part of the Mexicles group and have already been made available to the authorities.”

Mejía Berdeja explained inside the Cereso 3 there was an attack between “The chaps”, who were attacked by a rival group “Los Mexicles”, resulting in 20 inmates injured, four of them by firearm projectile, the rest by blows; as well as two people deprived of liberty killed by firearm projectile.

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“It is possible to reestablish control in the penitentiary center based on the actions of the municipal, state and federal forces, but based on this situation, this criminal group “Los Mexicles” begins to undertake actions of disturbance and aggression against the civilian population in Ciudad Juárez, resulting in nine deceased people, which are added to the two that were raised inside the penitentiary center.

He said that among the people who were killed were four who were making a remote control, belonging to the Mega Radio station, to Switch FM, including a radio host, Alan González.

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