There are 11 people dead and 6 detained, confirms AMLO – El Financiero

11 people people lost their lives during the acts of violence registered last night in Juarez CityChihuahua, confirmed the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

During the morning press conference this Friday, August 12, the president indicated that the attacks began due to the confrontation between two criminal groupsacts that intentionally affected the civil population.

“It is something that had not been presented and hopefully it will not be repeated, because the civilian population was attackedinnocent, as a kind of retaliation. It was not only the confrontation between two groups, but the time came when they started shooting civilians. This is the most regrettable thing,” said AMLO at the National Palace.

For his part, the Undersecretary of Security, Ricardo Mejía, pointed out that the SSPC is working with the Chihuahua authorities and informed that the 1:27 p.m. on Thursday, August 11, the confrontation began between the criminal groups ‘The chapos‘ and the ‘The Mexicans’ inside of State ceremony number 3 from Ciudad Juarez.

This fight left a balance of 20 inmates injuredfour of them for firearm; the rest of them due to blows and bruises; as well as two deceased persons deprived of liberty.

From this situation, the official assured, the criminal group ‘Los Mexicles’ ordered actions of disturbances and aggressions against the civilian population of Ciudad Juárez.

These acts of violence claimed the lives of nine civiliansamong which are four employees of a local radio station.

Finally, Ricardo Mejía announced that so far they have stopped six peoplefrom the criminal group ‘Los Mexicles’, who participated in these events.

The detainees were captured at the 1:00 a.m. this Friday, August 12 (Cd. Juárez time) by the municipal police with the support of the Army and the National Guard.

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