there are fake company sites that promise discounts, be careful! –

Nintendo has published a statement (in Japanese) through which it signals to the players that there are fake websites that pretend to be Nintendo’s official pages, also promising discounts on first-party products.

The statement, according to the Japanese to English translation, gives a specific example of a site that uses the Nintendo logo so illegal thus prompting users to believe that it is an official site. In addition, it offers offers on Nintendo Switch products, without being associated with Nintendo in any way.

The Nintendo Switch logo

The Nintendo Switch logo

Obviously, shopping through bogus sites only leads to the loss of money, so always do maximum attention when you browse online and interact with sites that ask you for personal information, account access data or money. Nintendo says it will take steps to block such websites.

If you are looking for the official Nintendo website, the Italian version can be found at the following address. To be on the safe side, you should always use the store directly on the console. If, for various needs (such as adding a new payment method), you must necessarily use the shop via browser, remember to be very careful and check that the page address is correct and that all the details are in place. .

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