“There is a request for capture”

The owner of the PRO, Patricia Bullrich, presented a request to the Argentine office of the DEA to stop Nicolás Maduro, president of Venezuela, when he arrives in Argentina for the CELAC summit. It is because of a complaint that Maduro has in the United States for an alleged link to a drug cartel.

The pre-candidate for president for the hard wing of the PRO made the request through a emailThey reported from their environment. In the text, he details that the Venezuelan is part of the poster of the suns and that due to the criminal cooperation agreement signed in 1998 between Argentina and Venezuela his arrest is possible when he arrives in the country this week to participate in the CELAC summit:

Bullrich had anticipated that he would make the presentation this Sunday morning in radio statements.

“I’m going to submit an alert to the DEA, since there is an arrest warrant for participation in the Cartel de los Soles. If someone wanted in the US comes to the country, the offices can act in the region so that they can be extradited,” said the former Minister of National Security.

This is an open cause in New York, known as the “of the suns”. According to research, these are groups of Venezuelan military officers involved in a wide range of criminal activities.

“Any Venezuelan tells you that the regime was sustained by drug trafficking after the fall in the price of oil”, Bullrich stated in an interview with the program “If it happens, it happens” on Radio Rivadavia.

As explained by the president of the PRO, there is a cooperation agreement between the United States and Argentina that allows the agency’s local office to intervene. It is the same regulatory framework that enabled the detention of the Venezuelan-Iranian plane in Ezeiza.

“It is a bilateral agreement that Argentina has with the United States signed in 1998. If someone in Argentina denounces that a person wanted in the United States is here, the DEA offices in Argentina can operate against the person with an arrest warrant. to extradite her to the United States,” he said.

“Remember the importance of the arrest of (the Chilean dictator, Augusto) Pinochet in London. This could be a milestone,” he compared.

Bullrich also gave his opinion on Maduro’s visit and the president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, both accused of human rights violations in their countries.

“There is a clear fight over what kind of society we want to live. If a classic, free. Or another with eternal leaders, dictatorships, lack of respect for human rights, as in the case of Maduro. They are autocratic regimes that do not respect justice”indicated.

“Kirchnerism believes that a type of hegemony has been strengthened in Latin America due to the triumph of certain presidents and they want to take advantage of this political weakness that this government has without a government, without projection. They want to surround themselves with a world similar to theirs,” he accused. .

“He tries to be hegemony in the region against those who believe in democracy, freedom. Not because you are a leftist dictator you cannot respect them or you can allow them to kill people,” he said.

In the afternoon, the chancellor santiago cafiero He came out at the crossroads of the PRO president. On the eve of the CELAC summit, the Minister of Foreign Relations stated that the opposition seeks “some degree of prominence in a scene that has them outside”.

Consulted during an interview given to radius 10 If there was any possibility that Maduro would be arrested when he arrives in the country, he replied: “No, I think there is a great vocation of the opposition to have some degree of leadership.”

For Cafiero, the week that begins will have foreign policy “at the center of the agenda.” “They try to link that agenda of Trying to generate coups, but that has nothing to do with what is going to be dealt with, nor with what the forums are,” he added.

The intern at Together for Change

Bullrich also got into the internal opposition and avoided commenting on whether Mauricio Macri will go as a candidate or if he will support her. It was in advance of a meeting that the former president asked Bullrich and that will take place this Monday.

“I don’t want to play Mauricio. He has said that he is not a candidate yet, that he is working for ideas, helping to work within the framework of the PRO and Together for Change. I’m not going to be the one to play his place.”Bullrich excused himself.

“It seems to me that the candidates have to have our stamp. The experience of being under the wing does not seem like a good experience for anyone. We have already seen Cristina and Alberto. There are neither in Argentina nor anywhere two-headed. We won’t make that mistake“, he added.

He also referred to the situation in the different provinces, where there is a risk of a break ahead of the first elections of the year. In Río Negro, for example, radicalism is advancing in an agreement with the local ruling party, led by national senator and former governor Alberto Weretilneck. The PRO and the CC go with the deputy Aníbal Tortoriello.

“Rio Negro is something that has been happening for a long time. There was a sector of radicalism that played with Weretilneck. The UCR Río Negro played in the Juntos por el Cambio alliance. Now, 80% of radicalism is inside but Weretilneck is taking the stamp. But the UCR has to be inside,” he said.

In this sense, he announced that this week there will be a meeting of the presidents of each party that forms Together for Change. And he warned that there will be consequences for those who decide to break the alliance.

“We have to achieve unity in all the provinces and show a national will to give the citizens a unity of all those who are playing. And in case there is a wayward, there are consequences. The one who breaks Together for Change cannot have consequences anywhere,” he launched.

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