There is a shortage of vaccines for newborns in Chihuahua: Ministry of Health – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

Secretary of Health, Gilberto Baeza Mendozapointed out that a shortage of vaccines against tuberculosis, diphtheria and hepatitis has been recorded during this 2023, so it is necessary for the federal government to address the problem.

“We have some shortage of vaccinesEspecially for newborns or small children, the Federation has a monopoly”, he said.

he insisted state government Efforts are being made to implement the vaccination program by getting vaccines separately.

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In what sense, The state official said that this is a monopoly that the federal government has, Laboratories do not find it lucrative to sell vaccines, even with their commitments to the Federation.

Gilberto Beza R.He stressed that the federal government’s Secretariat of Health is expected to respond and act soon to guarantee the provision of vaccines for the Chihuahuan babies.

He emphasized that this is of utmost importance to prevent minors from entering a new phase of diseases which could have been prevented with the application of required doses.

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With respect to COVID-19, he announced that although the number of infections has increased, the death rate is declining, however, it is important that anyone with symptoms be tested and those who test positive They should isolate themselves at the time prescribed by the doctor. , This is to reduce the number of infections.

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