There is concern about the increase in cases of sexually transmitted diseases in Santander

AndSo far in 2023, 694 cases of people suffering from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) have been recorded in Santander, which is 103 more than at the same time last year.

Following this unusual increase in reports, health officials expressed their concern about this trend, and urged the population to take preventive measures and seek timely medical care.

According to the data included in the Sivigila report, of all STD cases, 249 gestational syphilis records have been made official; 366 from HIV/AIDS, of whom five patients have already died; and 58 from hepatitis B and C.

The records of people affected by Gonorrhea have not yet been considered in the report.

According to experts on the subject, “Lack of sex education and low use of protection methods, such as condoms, have been identified as the main reasons for this increase.”

Among the most commonly infected population groups, it has been identified that apart from sex workers and intravenous drug users, young people are part of the highest risk group. The Santander Ministry of Health informed the community about the impact this could have on the health of the population.

“It is essential that the community is informed about the importance of preventive measures and regular tests to detect any sexually transmitted diseases,” the experts warned.

Faced with this situation, Santander health officials have intensified education and prevention sessions throughout the region.

Thus, apart from distributing educational material and condoms free of cost, various informative interactions have been promoted in schools, colleges and community centres.

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