THERE IS HOPE! The factor that generates optimism in Chivas about Alexis Vega’s injury


The Guadalajara medical team is confident that Gru would be back in a few weeks, although this will be confirmed until Monday when the corresponding tests are carried out.

San Luis vs Chivas - Closing Tournament 2023 Liga BBVA MX
© JAM MEDIA 2023, JAM MEDIASan Luis vs Chivas – Closing Tournament 2023 Liga BBVA MX

Chivas fans, management and coaching staff are concerned about the injury suffered by Alexis Vega during last Friday’s match against Atlético de San Luis, especially due to the background that the rojiblanco attacker has in the knee; however, hThere is optimism within the institution that it is not a serious injury.

Although so far there is still no certainty about the severity of lThe ailment that the attacker presented in the second half of the match at the Alfonso Lastrasbecause they must andWait more time to be able to submit the footballer to medical examinations corresponding to determine the time in which he will be off the courts.

The journalist from TV Azteca, David Medrano, revealed that the medical staff has assessed Gru and has even analyzed the video of the moment of the injury, for which reason there is confidence that there is no anterior cruciate ligament injury, the same that would keep him away from the courts for approximately seven to nine months; while sí is another type of injury could be back in less than two months.

“In the first instance there is some optimism in the medical body to rule out that it is a cruciate ligament, because they have reviewed the play a thousand times and there is no twisting of the knee at any time. Usually, when a cruciate ligament rupture comes, a torsion automatically occurs, a turn, the knee goes inwards and in Alexis Vega this is not appreciated.

“The other situation is that it is something of the meniscus, whether it is a total or partial rupture (…) If it’s a sprain, in three weeks he’s ready to play; if the torn meniscus has to be removed, it is considered that in five or six weeks it could be back, if it is a fragment of cartilage and it has to be removed, it is expected that in five or six weeks I could be back, ”explained the communicator on his YouTube channel.

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