“There is no proof that the Bitcoin purchases were made”

The computer scientist Mario Gómez recently questioned the purchases of the cryptoactive that President Bukele has announced on his Twitter account since 2021.

Since September 6, 2021, President Nayib Bukele has been announcing a series of bitcoin purchases that, to date, already total some 2,381 units of that cryptoactive, according to tweets shared by the president himself.

These purchases of bitcoins, which would have been made with public funds, translate into an expense of up to $107.1 million according to the website, which is responsible for recording the performance of these cryptocurrencies based on the president’s announcements.

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However, everything related to these purchases, including the processes to authorize them and even who is responsible for the wallet where these bitcoins are stored, is something unknown, since the government has applied the same practice of not making the information transparent. as it has done in other public institutions.

In this sense, the computer scientist and expert on the subject, Mario Gómez, recently questioned the existence of these purchases in an interview in Jacobin magazine, precisely because there is no public information to verify them.

“What is happening with the Bitcoin purchases in El Salvador is that there is no proof that they have been made, beyond the president’s tweets and a screenshot (screenshot) of a very low resolution of a purchase that was made at the end of last year,” Gómez said in the interview, in which he stated that the president could easily check those purchases thanks to the balances that allow the platforms to exchange.

Regarding this, Gómez also questioned the last purchase made yesterday by Bukele, which consisted of 80 more bitcoins at a cost of $1.5 million. The computer scientist stressed that there is a “tangle” in the purchases of the cryptoactive, since the screenshot that the president shared last year does not coincide with the one that he published on Thursday night. “Did you change your exchange? Don’t you buy from your cell phone anymore? Why don’t you put a screenshot full screen?” were some of his questions.

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These purchases made with public funds have been widely criticized, above all, for the poor performance that Bitcoin has had in recent months, which would have caused the country losses of up to $60.9 million if calculated based on the current price of the crypto asset. , which as of Friday morning is around $19,400 per unit.

Likewise, lawyers consulted by this means indicated in previous days that these purchases could be violating the Constitution and two other laws, because there has been no decree or modification to the General State Budget that allows the president to allocate public resources for these purposes. .

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