There is not only the disease, but also the spirit of the cure

Two “professions” and two separate areas united by the same question: is medicine just a technique to be applied to a specific disease or is it necessary to treat “the whole person”? A book written by four hands, the result of years of work and an acute reflection on the role of medicine

They met at the coffee machine. It happens to many people, in any workplace. But here the place is not just any, it is the National Cancer Institute of Milan, one of the best known and most accredited oncology hospitals in Italy; and they are not two random passersby on a coffee break. Carlo Alfredo Clerici is a doctor, specialist in clinical psychology and psychotherapist, and is the director of this pediatric service in the Milan hospital. Tullio Proserpio instead he is a priest, and since 2003 he has been hospital chaplain at the Cancer Institute of Milan. An experience gained in the field and with specific studies that led him to be a consultant on the subject of palliative care for the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.
The coffee machine, in the morning in a hospital hosting cancer patients, often no longer curable, often minors, is not necessarily a relaxation area.

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