There is nothing, they only send you baths with grass

The Cuban mother, and grandmother of three young children, Yudeisi Cuevas Suarez denounced this Monday that there are no medicines to treat the injuries suffered by his grandchildren and that doctors only offer natural alternatives.

“Today I have decided to write again for the simple reason: that there is no medicine for my children’s injuries. I go to the doctor and there is nothing, he only sends you baths with grass”he lamented in a publication on Facebook that he accompanied with two photos.

Capture of Facebook / Yudeisi Suárez

In statements to CyberCubathe lady specified that the images of the injuries belong not to one, but to two of her grandchildren: “A week ago, one of them started to get out, on his foot; and the other, in the head, because they are the two jimaguas”.

Initially, he explained, “It was like a heat rash and they kept getting bigger until it got like this. It turned into an infected dermatitis”. The impossibility of treating lesions in time due to lack of drugs has led to a skin infection that worsens as the days go by. “I’m going crazy”sentenced.

The grandmother, who lives in a house in poor construction conditions and has demanded that the authorities comply with the benefits that the State claims to provide to mothers with large families, also questioned the lack of controlled medications in her publication.

“I wonder, where are the controlled medications? Because my grandchildren take Ketotifen and they haven’t been on them for more than three months”he added in reference to an antihistamine that is sold by medical card, for prolonged treatment of allergic processes.

The situation is aggravated by the shortage of antibiotics, which, at this point in the injuries, is what the little ones need to treat the infection.

“I can’t take it anymore, I’m about to explode, no matter what happens. I already know [va] to turn into a dermatitis, which carries antibiotic Cephalexin and there is none. What I do?”I ask.

This Monday the Cuban authorities announced that the national production of Cephalexin resumes, after eight months without being manufactured in Cuba. However, the popular high-demand antibiotic will only be available from the end of this month and will barely cover demand for about 60 days.

“I already made a direct one a few months ago and I didn’t care about the negative comments because it’s my loved ones who are in these conditions: some children who are only one year old”stressed the Cuban grandmother.

In May of this year, Yudeisi denounced that his family was denied social assistance and that everything that President Miguel Díaz-Canel says is a lie.

The lady lives with three minor children, three grandchildren, in addition to her pregnant daughter with jimaguas, in a property in deplorable condition for seven yearsso the pension he receives of 5,650 CUP is not enough.

“I live in terrible conditions with eight minors in Havana and this government has made me lie. I can’t take it anymore, whatever I have to do for my children, I’ll do it,” he told CyberCuba at that time. Added to his precarious living conditions are the health problems of his grandchildren and the impossibility of finding a cure.

Last week the Minister of Public Health, José Ángel Portal Miranda, warned that the shortage of medicines and medical supplies will not be resolved in the short term. The same was confirmed by directors of pharmaceutical companies in the country this week.

“The situation we have today with medicines, both those manufactured by the biopharmaceutical industry and those imported, is very complex,” acknowledged Dr. Eduardo Martínez Díaz, president of BioCubaFarma, adding that “Currently more than 150 drugs produced by BioCubaFarma, which are not in the network of pharmacies or hospitals, are counted as missing”.

Faced with the health crisis that is already becoming chronic in the country, several mothers have taken to social networks to request medication or express their discontent and demand solutions to the diseases that afflict their children.

Such was the case with Claudia Garcia Rodriguez, from Cienfuegos, who last week launched an appeal on Facebook to obtain permethrin and cure her newborn baby’s scabies. This Tuesday another desperate Cuban mother He complained to doctors at the Pediatric Hospital in the same province for the care of his daughter, sick and with a fever.

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