There was a direct order from the CJNG to hit Guanajuato: Sophia Huett

It cost the Jalisco New Generation Cartel “20 pesos” to sow fear in Guanajuatoterrorize the population and make investors and tourists doubt, while the people of Guanajuato suffer their violence, fight them and keep them in jail: “No matter how many are detained or killed, there is always a replacement.”

The executive secretary of the Public Security System in Guanajuato, sophia huett, stated that despite the violence of recent days, the entity enjoys the rule of law, the laws are clear and are applied. The intelligence work revealed that there was a direct instruction to affect Guanajuato and another line of investigation is why the CJNG he particularly chose the Oxxo chain.

“The why, what for and who ordered them to come is an issue that the Prosecutor’s Office is working on. But what we can talk about in a very preliminary way is that there was an instruction from their criminal organization that they do so, that is to say, ‘go and commit burning, affectations to businesses’, and also a certain name of business, it was not a generalized issue, this chain was the objective; we don’t know why, but the instruction was very precise.

“This crime instruction was also given so that they were of a simultaneous type, it was given at the same time, particularly in the case of Silao, Salamanca and Celaya; in the case of León, they occurred a little later and obviously what allowed us was to contain, attend and that there were no major damages”.

huett He maintained that the authorities have always recognized that there is a criminal dispute and that the Jalisco cartel is the criminal group that has grown the most in this six-year term in the country, but he regretted that after training in another entity, it is the Guanajuato residents who have to suffer from it, combat it. and even keep it.

“We know it and we have said it, there is an organization that comes from a neighboring state, that tries to take control of the illegal activities here, that runs into local organizations and is the reason for the homicides; Also, no matter how many of them you stop or how many are downed, there is always a replacement.

“In Guanajuato the prisons are reaching their limit, we are not only suffering the criminals, we are also supporting them with taxes”.

He narrated how the authorities at all levels acted at 8:30 at night when they received the first alert after the first fires in Jalisco, which “turned on the lights and the alerts”, and allowed them to stop the burning of more establishments and prevent further damage.

“Two important factors: the arrest occurred in Guanajuato and Guanajuato authorities did not participate either, these types of actions regularly, and I will say it as is, it is to pressure the authority so that a criminal is not apprehended or for some type of negotiation.

“But the reality is that in Guanajuato they had nothing to pressure nor anything to negotiate, I insist, the arrest had not taken place here and there was no participation of the local authorities either. In that sense, there are questions that remain, why do these types of events take place in Guanajuato?”

He stressed that it cost the hitmen 20 pesos to set the fire in the establishments, but the benefit they obtained was greater, since they affected Guanajuato in economic matters and “it is impossible to quantify the impact”, they managed to position their criminal message in national and international media, people are afraid to go out, they sowed fear in business and tourism.

They also chose the “most attractive” municipalities and the most important industrial zone, which affects the “unfair perspective in cases like Celaya, where they mention it as one of the most dangerous in the world, when they take figures in an integral way, without distinction until that perception is achieved”, since the balance “is more media than material”.

But he insists that “governance was restored immediately, for example, in the case of Celaya, in 15 minutes. Guanajuato reacted in time and sufficiency, with different actions, as the result was the same night 11 people arrested. Guanajuato has not been at all comfortable, neither for local organizations nor for external ones” and they will continue to apply the law to those who break it.

Plane down with coke

In Campeche, the Air Force intercepted an aircraft with half a ton of cocaine.  SPECIAL

In Campeche, the Air Force intercepted an aircraft with half a ton of cocaine. SPECIAL

Elements of the Army and Air Force intercepted in Campeche an aircraft that transported 38 packages with 460.5 kilograms of cocaine from South America.

The operation took place on Saturday and it was through the Comprehensive Air Surveillance System of the Ministry of Defense that an unidentified aircraft from South America was detected.

For the operation, two Embraer EMB-145 aircraft and a Heliborne Reaction Force aboard 3 UH-60 helicopters were deployed to follow up on the unidentified aircraft.

The plane landed in Miguel Hidalgo, Campeche, where vehicles and civilian personnel were waiting for it; no detainees.

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