There will be a new Apple TV at the end of 2022. And it will bring the most necessary to hunt down the competition, according to Kuo

If we already expected a good number of renovations for this fall, now comes Ming-Chi Kuo and puts another product in the basket. the analyst has claimed that Apple is preparing a new Apple TVwith the intention of launching it this second half of the year 2022. And it will not represent an increase in power: Apple would seek to correct one of the greatest deficiencies of this living room player.

A new price to solve a diminishing differentiation

If we take a look at the market for content players for televisions, we see that the Apple TV has the price disadvantage. While we can get a Fire Sick 4K for 64.99 euros or a Chromecast with Google TV for 69.99 euros, the equivalent Apple TV 4K is sold for 199 euros. It is too large a price difference that translates into fewer sales.

In addition, the most modern televisions already have the applications of all the streaming services there have been and even serve to access HomeKit home automation. So 199 euros for a living room player with limited added benefits like Fitness+ or Apple Arcade… it’s hard to justify.

So according to Kuo, Apple would seek to rethink the Apple TV and offer it at a lower price. That may involve some kind of sacrifice, but it should be little if Apple wants to compete seriously. And it is an increasingly necessary step seeing how the cost of living has not stopped rising since the beginning of the year.

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When can we see it? The second half of the year starts in July, so maybe it’s something that comes up in September, October or November. It could even be a Christmas gift idea if that price fits into the pockets of the general market.

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