There’s an app that pays you to walk – that’s how WeWard works

Imagine getting coupons just by … walking. It seems absurd, but now it is possible thanks to an app that has recently arrived in Italy, after having achieved extraordinary success around Europe. Think about it, this is the most downloaded app in France after the one for reporting positivity to Covid. The name of the app? WeWard, and is ready to let us leave the house for a good reason!

WeWard is a kind of alternative pedometer, which allows those who download the app and subscribe to the service to accumulate points by walking and walking. Each step allows the user to scale the objectives, until obtaining such a number of Ward (the platform’s trading “currency”) to be transformed into discount codes and coupons to be used in many shops. By filling up your Ward account, it is thus possible to have reductions on the final expense when you go shopping in large chains, but also in the shops that participate in the initiative. You walk, you get Ward, you turn them into codes – easy!

In addition to accumulating points with walking, WeWard allows you to have extra scores giving your contribution in some challenges, taking different paths than usual, connecting with your friends or participating in surveys. The challenge is fight laziness and devote time to physical activity, with the added bonus of discounts when it’s shopping time. You can also decide to allocate the steps converted into money in donations to institutions who are involved in charities.

The app, born in 2019, aims to create a community of over 15 million strollers And walkers by the end of this year. A great challenge, which in Italy alone has already involved tens of thousands of people in just a few days, including creator Vittoria Milanese. WeWard is available for both Android and Apple devices, good hike all *!

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