these 11 maquera setups serve as inspiration

The place where we work is a reflection of the way we work. If the desk is cluttered, cluttered with papers, folders, and office supplies, that has an impact. That’s why we believe that working with a Mac has to be in a happy place. And we have taken 11 examples of maquera desks that relax us and serve as inspiration.

Relaxing Mac desks: create your own happy place with your Mac

Clutter affects your brain and the way you work. This follows from the study published in the Harvard Business Review magazine, where it is ensured that our brains like order. Being in a crowded place increases the chances of procrastinating, that is, wasting time and doing little.

Who wouldn’t want to be at a maquero desk like this? How calm the two-tone wall conveys, the wallpaper, part of a $10 collection. Philips Hue lights to illuminate the wall next to the table in colors. The framed iPhone from Grid Studio. A support for the AirPods Max, a HomePod mini and some AirPods complete the setup. The screen is none other than an XDR Display attached to a 2021 MacBook Pro.

Sometimes we find peace when we have few things on the desk. about what it seems the classic bamboo table from Ikea we simply have a 2021 iMac in green, the official keyboard, mouse and a plant. And a cake to commemorate the anniversary of this user’s Reddit account.

The iMac 2021 is the most photogenic. His very presence in a suitable environment brings relaxation. And this blue model, with the matching HomePod mini and keyboard and mouse mat, works great. The plant gives it a different touch of color very well thought out.

Here we have a desk with views of downtown Austin, Texas. A maquero desk that its owner defines as “a place to do things.” The white table, with silver aluminum peripherals and a gray and white chair give even more light and tranquility. It is also the demonstration that it is not necessary to have everything from Apple to achieve a relaxing work setup: we have a third-party screen and a Sonos speaker as protagonists in the center.

This is a happy place to learn to code. Or so its owner defines it. dominate the scene the monitor Samsung M7, at a whopping 43 inches, plugged into a 13-inch MacBook Pro. The plants and brick wall on the side help break up the monotony of a well-lit desk.

Probably not the most suitable place to work long hours. But this minimalist desk inspires us by its purity. The cement and these blocks make it impossible for you to be distracted by anything. Of course, it is one of those Mac setups with Apple Studio Display that are designed to work standing up.

In this one we do have a chair to sit on, but don’t expect it to be high-end. Because here what stands out is the cleanliness of lines, the absence of clutter and the tranquility that a well-lit environment gives you and without direct light. A very simple maquero setup with a MacBook Pro 2021, an Apple Studio Display, a numeric keyboard and an Eero router behind the vase. Goals in life like these.

This battle station it is a luxury. Wooden table on which we see a Mac mini connected to a Dell monitor. AirPods, AirPods Max, vertical keyboard and mouse with an iPhone that rounds off the proposal. Sometimes you can have things on the table without giving the feeling of chaos.

Completing a maquero setup is sometimes not easy. But if you simplify as much as possible, you can get rid of everything superfluous that distracts you at a desk. This user has finally completed his, with a MacBook Pro 2021 and AirPods as the only Apple products. The StreamCam stands out on the LG monitor, to have video calls with much higher quality.

Sometimes it is unavoidable to have maqueros desks with many things. That doesn’t have to mean clutter or distractions. This software developer (many of them program on Mac) has a setup with up to three screens if we count the MacBook Pro 2021. The one placed vertically is a 24-inch LG 24MP500, perfect for dividing it between two apps at the same time. Personally, I’d trade you that mouse pad. But the lighting and wooden table make him win more points than he loses.

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Having the blinds down may not be the best for the eyes. But we liked this desk for its use of glass, the Apple Studio Display together with a Huawei Mateview. A Mac mini and a white HomePod. There is a hidden Google Nest somewhere, which acts as a digital picture frame. The final touch of beer to mix leisure and business is fun. Although it may be too early to drink.

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