these appliances are prohibited with a high bill

The expensive bill has come to hit Italian families hard and it seems impossible to save yourself from the blow.

The government has implemented an aid plan but this is only for the most fragile families with an ISEE below € 8000. For all the others, the sting will be absolutely inevitable, but defending ourselves against expensive bills is also our task. Very often we are used to misusing household appliances. They are valuable tools, but if used in the wrong way they can be a real drain. Consumer protection associations increasingly emphasize how a few simple precautions are enough to avoid being crushed by the expensive bill. Electricity and gas bills have spiked dramatically and being careful is really mandatory. First of all, it is important to have low energy consumption appliances, in fact, the difference on the bill based on the energy consumption of the appliance can be very heavy.

Practical tips to use every day

Secondly, it is very important not to use the dryer when it is not absolutely necessary. In fact, the dryer has a high energy consumption and if you can do without it you can save a lot. Even the washing machine is essential to use it fully loaded otherwise there will be a new waste of energy. It is also very important to have a house that is well insulated from an energy point of view because otherwise the waste will be really strong.

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But an advice that may seem trivial and yet that consumer protection associations never tire of reiterating is that of not leaving the lights on unnecessarily and turning off the appliances we are not using.

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A television, a computer, a light bulb left on for mere forgetfulness will then be affected by the bill.

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