These are all the benefits of chicory and artichoke fiber

Properties of inulin, able to protect the intestine. Where to find it and how it works to stimulate good bacteria

In Chicory and Artichoke It contains a special fiber that protects Intestine and health in general: it is called inulin , Its positive effects were summarized in a systematic review of human studies European Journal of Clinical Microbiology* ) and are due to its action on the microbiota, the community of microorganisms in the colon. It can be said that inulin feeds good bacteria And like stops bad people Escherichia coli Pathobionts, take over.


Inulin is made up of a chain of fructose molecules linked together like beads on a necklace, and passes through the digestive tract. Our enzymes can’t break their chemical bonds, but some microbes, good microbes, have tools to break them. And the feast begins: The substance is called a prebiotic because it nourishes the bacteria.

intestinal walls

Microorganisms produce short-chain fatty acids as residues from the fermentation of inulin, which act as balm for the intestinal walls, the integrity of which is critical: a surface that is very porous makes it difficult for the intestines to pass through. Takes risks. toxins or viruses Capable of causing distortion. bloodstream and state of inflammation General .


A healthy microbiota is diverse. We must guarantee biodiversity And avoid dysbiosis: eat vegetablesConsuming its fiber is an antidote to the stressors that throw off balance, from careless antibiotic treatments to certain additives in food products. Inulin is part of a specific compound family Lettuce, chicory and tupinambo, as well as artichoke and chicory. It is found in garlic, onion and white truffle. It is also sold as a powder to add to recipes.


doctor may recommend Supplements for irritable bowel syndrome, diverticula, or liver disease , Meanwhile, the use of prebiotics is being studied in the fight against bowel cancer.

*The scientific review has been carried out by Silvio Danese, Director of the Gastroenterology Division at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan.

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