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Know who are the celebrities with dyslexia

The dyslexia It is suffered by 10% of the population, among them, the famous. At least that is how the World Health Organization determines it. And it can affect everyone, so celebrities are not spared. In this note we share the names of the celebrities who suffer from it. Did you know?

Tom Cruise is the first of the list of celebrities with dyslexia. The actor was diagnosed with this disorder at the age of seven. He is also joined by Steven Spielberg. This diagnosis was not so identified when he was a child.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise suffers from dyslexia

Therefore, he was discovered as an adult. In certain interviews, the director has confessed the difficulties he went through when he was little in terms of learning. He even stated that it took him two years longer than the rest of his classmates to learn to read.

Steven Spielberg
One of the famous producers, Steven Spielberg, had discovered his dyslexia diagnosis as an adult.

The Mexican singer Thalía is also part of the list of celebrities with dyslexia. As she has commented, sometimes, due to this difficulty, she forgets or changes the lyrics of her songs. And some problems are added to be able to speak in English because of said topic. Do you know someone who suffers from it?

Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom, one of the celebrities with dyslexia

Cher has it too. The singer suffered from reading problems due to her dyslexia. Orlando Bloom is the next celebrity in the inventory. He has already told that he has a lot of difficulties when it comes to learning dialogues from him. In order to overcome this, he began to read a large number of books.

Thalía had to change the lyrics to her songs because of dyslexia
Cher: one of the celebrities who suffer from dyslexia

Another famous person who is going through the same thing is Jennifer Aniston. As we know, she is well known in Hollywood for her amazing role in the series “Friends”. This problem caused many complications in her academic performance, but it also affected her self-esteem.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston joins the list of celebrities with dyslexia

What is dyslexia?

It is a learning disorder that presents complications to read, relate letters and words and also sometimes to identify certain sounds when speaking.

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