These are all the new emojis coming with the iOS 17.4 update for your iPhone.

One of the most important updates Apple has released in recent years is iOS 17.4 (beta), in which it effectively says goodbye to the App Store monopoly.

This new iOS version, now in beta, includes a number of changes to comply with the new European Union Digital Markets Act, but there are obviously other functional changes you might like.

And iOS 17.4. also offers several new emojis which you will find in your favorite applications.

These new emoji are part of the Unicode 15.1 update, which was approved last September and, as usual, major manufacturers have included it since.

New emoticons

Newly approved emoji include phoenix, lime, mushroom, broken chain and more.

There are also different combinations of family and people emojis, mostly very similar to the current ones, in which only the directional characteristics change, allowing users to select these emojis, but now in multiple directions.

This is a fairly minor emoji update compared to what we saw last year in iOS 16.4, but this is due to the fact that the Unicode Consortium had to reserve some emoji for the Chinese government database.

As we said, iOS 17.4 is only available to developers in beta, so you won’t find these new emojis on your mobile device until the next few weeks.

It’s always good that big manufacturers include new emoticons so we can better express ourselves in each of our favorite apps.

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