These are the 5 bangs that will be in fashion this fall

There is an unwritten rule in the fashion and the beauty: with each change of station new ones arrive trends. at the gates of fallthe experts have already ruled on the haircuts that will be all the rage in the coming months. One of them is the ‘shaggy’, a seventies cut of medium hair. In addition, those who lead the way are usually the ‘celebrities’ in the Red carpet. In recent weeks, many have worn bangs. There is no doubt that he will be one of the stars of this season. We show you five very flattering cuts.

1. ‘Birkin’ Bangs

The ‘Birkin’ cut is inspired by the actress and goddess of the 70s of the last century, jane birkin. Although it may seem like a straight and classic one, but it is not so much. In fact, it is characterized by being somewhat shorter than the traditional one, slightly uneven and much less abundant. It greatly favors oval faces, but also triangle types. Look how the model wears it Bella Hadid.

2. Retro Cut Side Bangs

This fall hits hard the side bangs most popular of the 50s of the last century and that in the 2000s experienced a more than incredible ‘reboot’. It already looks like this Selena Gomez. The singer, who has the Round face. It is completely right because it is a cut that harmonizes the features of the face very well. It also works with heart or diamond and square faces.

3. Face-framing bangs

It seems that it is not a fringe, but we assure you that it is. The key is to create a connection between the fringe cut and the rest of the hair. It is, therefore, a less drastic change of look and that, however, will add the most special touch. This is what the actress looks like Jennifer Lopez:

4. Curtain Bangs

The ‘curtain bangs’ They weren’t going to abandon us this year. After several seasons being the king, the curtain bangs of Camila Hair is the best option if you want a straight one but not too short and with the clear forehead. Wear it if you have a heart or diamond face so that your features are highlighted in the most beautiful way.

4. Straight Bangs

dakota johnson has been the standard-bearer for years straight bangs and, this year, you can be too. As for the types of face most likely to be favored with it, we are talking about the oval onesbut also of the type inverted triangle.

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the bangs will gain prominence. Therefore, we show you five types that

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