these are the actors with whom he does not want to work again

Brad Pitt it is tanned Their filmography it is longer than the 10 meter manuscript that Jack Kerouac used to write ‘On the Road’. More than 90 movies behind his back and thirty projects on the small screenon August 5 it hit theaters ‘Bullet Train‘, the adaptation of a bestselling novel by KotaroIsaka. To his co-star, Aaron Taylor Johnsona great little secret of the actor escaped him: he has a blacklist of the performers with whom you do not want to return to share scene. These are the names.

At 58, Pitt admits he faces the final stretch from his trajectory and already thinking about retiring. Meanwhile, he is and will be very selective with the projects that he accepts. Perhaps for this reason, in ‘Bullet Train’ it is shown self-parodic as he leads the action movie apocalypse. But above all, the actor is clear with whom he wants to share more scenes. And with whom not?

“Bring light and joy to the world”

“He just wants to bring light and joy into the world, and be around people who are there to have a good time. You work with a lot of actors and after a while you start taking notes: ‘I’m definitely not going to work with this person ever again.’ Taylor-Johnson said in an interview to promote the film. “Brad also has this list: the ‘nice’ list and the shit list“, assured the magazine ‘Variety’.

Taylor-Johnson threw the stone, but hid her hand: she did not reveal the names included in these lists. However, the specialized media and social networks have made their guesses. Many pointed to Tom Cruise within the list of actors with whom Pitt would not want to work again, after their participation together inInterview with the Vampire’.

Tom Cruise and Harrison Ford in the spotlight

Pitt himself acknowledged that there was tension in the filming of that film, directed by Neil Jordan in 1994. “Cruise is the north pole and I am the south. I always thought that there was a kind of underlying competition between the two that prevented us from having a conversation It wasn’t something unpleasant, but it was something that was there and it bothered me a little bit.”

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Pitt has been targeting other ‘enemies’ throughout his more than 30 years in the film industry. Gossips also include Harrison Ford, with whom he worked in 1997 on ‘Intimate Enemy’. A possible bad relationship between the two that the actor wanted to deny, but that many have reaffirmed after the two have never coincided again.

On the contrary, the actor has repeated several times with interpreters such as Sandra Bullock (which is present in Bullet Train), Michael Fassbender, tilda swinton, Casey Affleck, Cate Blanchett either George Clooneyamong many others, demonstrating their good harmony before the cameras.

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