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Despite not being transmissible, cardiovascular disease (CVD) According to experts, a high incidence of deaths arises in the world European Institute for Obesity Medicine (IMEO)in the subject world heart dayWhich is celebrated every year on 29 September.

However, in most cases cvd This can be prevented by following the habits of Healthy Life and of course controlling risk According to the said institute, the chances of suffering from it increase and it largely depends on the behaviors that people can change or correct.

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It has been shown that people who have excess visceral fat in their bodies are at a higher risk. suffer from high blood pressure, Atherosclerosis, heart failure, ventricular fibrillation, stroke, myocardial infarction or sudden death, According to Ruben Bravo, a spokesman for IMEO.

Therefore, this highlights the importance of carrying heart-healthy dietIncrease the quality and quantity of our rest, including routines that help reduce stress Tension And limit alcohol and tobacco consumption as much as possible.

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“Accumulation of adipose tissue in the inner area stomach The risk to heart health increases as pressure increases vital organs And its arteriesAnd because of the effects associated with the large amounts of inflammatory substances that can be harmful produced by visceral fat,” explains Carmen Escalada, clinical nutritionist From high school.

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“to take away heart-healthy dietone who avoids fat accumulation In the intestine area, or allows us to eliminate it if we have already formed it, we must pay attention to two key aspects: the quality and quantity of what we eat, ”says the expert.

In this sense, it recommends giving priority Eat Preferring fresh vs. ultra-processed vegetables and vegetables, preferably in season, because of their high potency AntioxidantTo be able to alternate its raw and cooked consumption to take maximum advantage of its properties.

Like it is also important to take quality protein Chicken, turkey, rabbit, fish, shellfish, eggs or beans, C. Avoiding very fatty meats such asordo or pig And sausages such as chorizo, salchichón or mortadella.

According to Escalada, grains or derivatives can be consumed in their whole grain version and tubers, “adjusting the quantity according to our level of physical activity.”

Also, consumption of dairy Very fatty foods, such as cured cheeses or creams and especially sweets Milk As sweet curdChocolate glasses, ice cream, flans or custard.”

It also suggests avoiding cookie consumption and other products pastries and sweetsRich in sugars, refined flour, saturated and trans fats which increase the problem of fat accumulation in the intestine.

And he recommends cooking with preparations that don’t contain a lot of fat such as griddle, steam, oven, fry, pan Or use extra virgin olive oil instead of papillote, and other more saturated or ‘trans’ types of fats, such as butter or margarine.

Climbing recommends eating on plates that are not too big and are in proportion to the quantity Eat It meets the calorie expenditure of each individual, as excessive intake of calories is favorable. increase in reserves Fat and, over time, visceral fat, even if it comes from healthy foods like avocado, olive oil and nuts.

To make a heart-healthy diet more bearable, experts recommend eating smaller, more frequent meals, which “prevents feeling too hungry at main meals and, therefore, prevents overeating.”

to take care of us Eat And don’t speed up with each bite “It is not appropriate to eat while watching a series or TV program that we really like or while having an important conversation during the meal.” EatBecause it can make us hyperactive and cause additional stress,” he adds.

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He explains, “The ideal would be to eat in silence, aware of the sensations the food produces on our palate, with relaxing sounds or music in the background.”

“Putting your fork down on your plate to take short breaks between meals can help you speed up your meal and avoid stress,” Gonzalez concludes.

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