These are the best moments of Laura Bozzo in The House of the Famous

Laura Bozzo It has become one of the favorites of La Casa de los Famosos de Telemundo, and it is that both she and Niurka are a bomb. A series of videos circulate on TikTok in which Bozzo is the protagonist, as well as several memes with which people have identified and of course.

The origin of “Let the wretch pass!”

The truth is that Laura Bozzo has also had some good gossip during the program, such as when she told the origin of ¡Let the wretch pass!

“(There were) three pregnant girls of 16 years, one of 15, 16 and 17 and the three of the same imbecile, the three told their story. It came out of my soul, it came out of my soul. At that time I was a little more violent, I swear I almost kicked him, “she said.

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Why don’t you get along with Pati Chapoy

In one of the many talks with Brenda Zambrano, that she is very good at getting the soup out of Laura, a lawyer told an evil that according to her words, the founder of Ventaneando would have ordered her to do.

“I hate her. Actually I don’t hate her but when I was in Azteca she made my life impossible, she sent someone who dyed her (her hair) to dye it for me and burned the entire front part. It’s that I arrived (at Azteca) and I swept, we swept, she scored 3 points and I 17, imagine, she made a mess “.

She also said that when Celia Lora had a car accident with which she ran over a person, she helped her legally, so the first interview that Celia gave was not to Pati Chapoy but to her, which increased the communicator’s anger. . “She was furious,” she recalled.


The controversial kiss of three:

In another conversation with Brenda, Laura Bozzo was asked if she would make a three-way kiss, to which Bozzo replied from the chair where she was lying, “Why not?”

The one who doesn’t want to stay long at the party.

On another of the nights inside the house, the inhabitants had a party, but the funny thing is that at first Laura said that she was going to be here for a short time because parties were not her thing, but the viewers of said program took it upon themselves to cut out several moments of the night to make a video in which Bozzo sings, takes photos, dances, jumps, and does everything but leave the party.

Laura’s best friend

Brenda Zambrano and Laura Bozzo have made a very unique friendship within the house, so much so that Bozzo gave her her medal of the virgin of Guadalupe Brenda to take care of her and even told her “I’m your mother too”


Encounters and dances with Niurka.

At the beginning of the house Niurka He said he wanted to bring out the pretty side of Bozzo, but they’ve already had their run-ins. In one of the moments at her house, Niurka made her cry by telling her that when she said “you don’t know me” he meant that he knew her,

“You don’t know me, you don’t know, you don’t know the soul I have, the heart, I can raise you to the most sensitive and vulnerable of feeling, I can bring out the most fragile thing in you,” he told her at one point .

Niurka also told Bozzo that she was “a standing cock” and on another occasion she even danced for her.



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