These are the court notes of the University of Cádiz for the 2022/2023 academic year: Medicine continues to climb

End the long wait to meet cutting notes of the Andalusian universities after the first adjudication. The Ministry of Economic Transformation, Knowledge, Companies and Universities of the Junta de Andalucía has announced this Thursday cutting notes for all those students who have passed the Selectivity tests (Baccalaureate Evaluation Test for University Access (PEvAU) this June and who have made the corresponding pre-registration.

In the case of Cadiz Universityit is once again the Medicine career that has the highest cut-off mark, staying at 13,445, a figure that even exceeds the record for last July, when it stood at 13.43. Following behind are the new degree in Mathematics and Computer Engineering, with 13,364, the double degree in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (12,995), Biotechnology (12,798), Aerospace Engineering (12,778) and Nursing (12,740).

However, the note to access Medicine at the UCA is not one of the highest of the rest of the Andalusian faculties. Seville and Granada are the ones that are at the top of the classification, with 13.54 and 13.538 points, respectively. Next are Málaga and Córdoba, with 13,496 and 13,452 points. Only Almería and Jaén are below the University of Cadiz, with 13,442 and 13,415 points, where access is priced lower.

Also noteworthy is the increase in careers related to Education. The Infant Education career in Puerto Real, which was the one with the lowest cut-off mark last year, established at 9,082, has gone to 9.40 this year, while Primary goes from 9,982 to 10,285.

Health careers are still in full escalation phase. In addition to the Medicine degree, with a notable increase for more than a decade, the Nursing degree continues to approach the 13-point barrier year after year. Studying at the UCA faculty in the Cadiz capital now requires a remarkable 12,740 points compared to 12,652 last year in July. For its part, in the Salus Infirmorum it has gone from 11,666 to 12,140. In Jerez, it has risen to 12,610 and in Algeciras to 12,338.

On the other hand, the Mathematics cut-off grade dropped, which had been increasing in recent years, going from 12,577 to 12,536.

However, it must be taken into account that many of these notes could experience a decrease in the next awards. For now, students will be able to make their claims and allegations between July 7 and 9, which will be the same period established by the UCA for the reservation of a place.

Those students who have not entered the career chosen in this first adjudication, will still have two more opportunities, since there are those who give up enrollment at the last minute or choose other degrees. These people will have to be careful on July 14, when the lists of the second award are published. The third award will be between the July 20 and 21 and the fourth and last between the July 25 and 26.

The final lists will come out at the beginning of September, when the reserved places in each grade will be published, as well as the existing waiting lists.

The cut-off marks of the UCA in the first award for the 2022/2023 academic year are:

Business Administration and Management (Algeciras) 5,000

Business Administration and Management (Cádiz) 7,976

Business Administration and Management (Jerez) 8,620

Business Administration and Management/ Law 9,660

Business Administration and Management/ Finance and Accounting 7,887

Naval Architecture and Maritime Engineering 9,071

Biotechnology 12,798

Environmental Sciences 7,165

Environmental Sciences/ Marine Sciences 10,483

Physical Activity and Sports Sciences 11,720

Marine Sciences 10,794

Marine Sciences/ Environmental Sciences 11,246

Criminology and Security 11,084

Law (Algeciras) 7,837

Law (Jerez) 9,657

Law/ Criminology and Security 12,241

Law/ Labor Relations and Human Resources 7,505

Early Childhood Education (Puerto Real) 9,400

Early Childhood Education (Algeciras) 5,000

Primary Education (Puerto Real) 10,285

Primary Education (Algeciras) 5,000

Nursing (Cadiz) 12,740

Nursing (Algeciras) 12,338

Nursing (Jerez) 12,610

Nursing (Health) 12,140

Oenology 7,628

Arabic and Islamic Studies 5,000

Arabic and Islamic Studies/ English Studies 7,505

French Studies 5,000

French Studies/ English Studies 11,810

English Studies 8,364

Classic Philology 5,000

Classical Philology/ English Studies 11,275

Hispanic Philology 5,000

Hispanic Philology/ English Studies 12,150

Finance and Accounting 5,000

Finance and Accounting/ Labor Relations and Human Resources 5,000

Physiotherapy 12,552

Management and Public Administration 5,000

History 8,007

Humanities 5,000

Aerospace Engineering 12,778

Civil Engineering 6,620

Electrical Engineering (Algeciras) 5,000

Electrical Engineering (Puerto Real) 7,500

Electrical Engineering/ Industrial Electronic Engineering 7,629

Industrial Electronic Engineering (Algeciras) 5,000

Industrial Electronic Engineering (Puerto Real) 8,005

Engineering in Industrial Design and Product Development 10,581

Engineering in Industrial Technologies (Algeciras) 5,000

Engineering in Industrial Technologies (Puerto Real) 8,723

Computer Engineering 10,701

Mechanical Engineering (Algeciras) 7,526

Mechanical Engineering (Puerto Real) 10,593

Mechanical Engineering/ Electrical Engineering 11,883

Mechanical Engineering/Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering 12,633

Chemical Engineering 10,021

Chemical Engineering/ Biotechnology 12,995

Radioelectronic Engineering 5,000

Linguistics and Applied Languages ​​5,000

Linguistics and Applied Languages/English Studies 10,614

Navy 7,080

Marketing and Market Research/ Tourism 8,263

Marketing and Market Research 8,580

Mathematics 12,536

Mathematics and Computer Engineering 13,364

Medicine 13,445

Nautical and Maritime Transport 8,898

Psychology 11,876

Advertising and Public Relations 9,780

Advertising and Public Relations/Marketing and Market Research 12,707

Advertising and Public Relations/Tourism 9,130

Chemistry 11,164

Chemistry + Oenology 11,402

Labor Relations and Human Resources (Algeciras) 5,000

Labor Relations and Human Resources (Cádiz) 5,000

Social Work 8,805

Tourism 5,645

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