These are the dances with which you will lose the most weight and at the same time you will exercise

The dance is very often associated with moments of leisure and funHowever, it should be noted that it is one of the most complete and intense aerobic activities. With this discipline you can move many different muscle groups and, in turn, exercise them with almost no effort. Thus, burning calories dancing is one of the most attractive options for people who are not fond of sports and who want to keep in shape without feeling the hardness of training.

Practicing the dance on a regular basis can not only help lose weightsince it is a physical activity, also brings great benefits to emotional and mental health-related effects. By acquiring this routine you can strengthen the muscles, raise your spirits and improve the condition of your joints. In fact, a study on the subject published in Journal of Physiological Anthropology affirms that dancing is as efficient to lose those extra kilos as cycling or jogging.

The truth is the dance has many variants for all tastes, so it’s a very broad discipline. Not all of them expend the same level of energy or lose weight so quickly, there are some dances to lose weight than others, so this circumstance will have to be considered in the equation, in addition to personal taste, before opting for one of them.

Zumba: one of the most popular disciplines

Zumba became very fashionable in the 90s and since then it has been taught in a large number of gyms or sports centers, beyond dance halls. combine moves of different types of dances getting the perfect sport for burn up to 600 calories per session in a very relaxed way.

If you bet on Latin, salsa

The sauce It is a very versatile discipline, since it can be practiced as a couple or in a group and it is very easy to learn, because the steps do not require great technical skills. If you put enthusiasm and effort into this type of dance, you can burn up to 500 calories per session. It is most suitable for people who want to practice with latin rhythms while losing weight

Tap dance, ideal dance to gain muscle

Tap dancing is a somewhat more demanding and requires a certain dexterity, energy and muscular strength. All this can be acquired with practice, since it is also a very fun dance that will not be difficult to integrate into the weekly agenda. With the tap dance they are going to exercise especially the legswho take a good part of the limelight, and spend up to 400 calories.

Ballet for the most demanding

Ballet is one of more complex dance disciplines, and it can be somewhat difficult to learn if you have not been to classes during childhood and learn from scratch. This very delicate dance actually demands great physical toughness, since it requires a constant muscle contraction, flexibility and a lot of coordination. In an hour you can lose 450 calories.

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These are the dances with which you will lose the most weight and at the same time you will exercise

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