These are the five most dangerous hacker groups in the world

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With the advent of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, many cyber criminal gangs have grown

History of computer attack It’s almost as long as the Internet and computers. and although the number of hacker group There are myriads on the web, of which only a small fraction can be classified. most dangerous in the world,

let’s remember that rented refers to the action of computer system manipulation To get desired result. Typically, these cyber criminals exploit security breaches and highly elaborate malware attacks affect millions of people and companies.

Currently there are many groups of hackers create great danger And although they differ in age, they all share a history of significant attacks that have affected major companies. scrub, Microsoft and even united states air force,

And these are the five most dangerous in the world:

He was born in Russia in 2019 and has a specific modus operandi: he encrypts files and information and hacks systems, to later demand ransom in exchange for the blocked information.

According to IBM Security, the peak of its activity was in 2021, when it was responsible for 37% of all registered ransomware attacks that year.

Its most notable attack was on Kasia, an IT service provider, affecting over one million customers. The group has also been involved in the theft of Apple blueprints and Lady Gaga’s data, among others.

The group hails from Eastern Europe and specializes in RaaS (ransomware as a service) attacks. It is primarily known for attacking high-profile corporations around the world with stolen credentials and manual hacking with test equipment.

He was one of the main protagonists of the attacks on the Colonial Pipeline in 2021, which led to a partial shutdown of the network that supplies 45% of gasoline to the East Coast of the United States.

The nation offered a $10 million reward to information leading to the arrest of the group.

Not only is it one of the most dangerous groups active today, but it is also one of the longest-lived.

It was created in North Korea in 1998 and is considered a cyber warfare agency that is part of the General Reconnaissance Office of the North Korean military.

Its most famous attack was the WannaCry ransomware, which infected over 200,000 Microsoft Windows computers and caused $4 billion in damage.

The group originated in Russia in 2010 and is attributed to the Eurasian nation’s Federal Security Service (FSB).

It targets infrastructure units in North America and Europe and conducts spear phishing attacks on third-party organizations that have low levels of network security.

The group is allegedly responsible for carrying out the DDoS attack that infected several power companies in Ukraine with the BlackEnergy Trojan, causing blackouts that affected thousands of citizens.

It is a group that emerged in England in 2021 and its main objective is to extort public bodies and companies through social engineering techniques.

It is also the only one that uses Telegram to recruit members and publish stolen information.

Its main attack has been against Brazil’s Ministry of Health, which has put the COVID-19 vaccination of millions at risk, and also claims other victims such as Microsoft, Samsung, Uber, Rockstar Games, Cisco and Nvidia. Has been done

The most common ways hackers affect a company or user are:

– Malware or malicious virus: They seek to destabilize the device system in order to steal information.

Fraudulent emails or spam: They aim to steal banking information and other financial data.

Ransomware: This computer virus is most feared by all the companies as it is responsible for encrypting valuable information like databases, confidential reports, passwords and bank accounts.

After stealing the information from the hard drive, the attackers demand a ransom for it, although this is not always favourable, as most of the time the extortionists do not return the stolen information and keep the reward.

It is important that both users and companies keep in mind that the security of their information and servers largely depends on good management practices.

– Install antivirus and update regularly.

Develop a safety culture that maintains certain rules and protocols.

Having a strong password does not make it easy to hack data or access other information.

– Create daily backup. Always back up information and data

– Do not download from unknown sites, because internet is a big network which is full of many threats and malicious virus which attack in few seconds.

– Be careful with the use of removable devices.

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