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Who has not seen a movie and, at the same time, has imagined that it happened in reality? really the cinema does not have the mission of revealing the futurebut to entertain. However, the Science fiction it is a genre that is based on scientific assumptions, which could be executed in the future. This makes it differ from the fantastic, where the situations that occur are imaginary. In addition, this genus is also known as anticipationsince many science fiction authors have managed to carry out many of today’s inventions, such as face transplants, with the film Face to face (1997)in which an FBI agent enters an operating room to undergo this operation -in reality, the first one that was completely done was in 2005, in France, when a woman was disfigured by her dog-. And it is that, not only ‘The Simpson’ are reputed to have accurately predicted the future, but there have also been tapes that have managed to guess it very precisely. Surprising, but true. Here we leave you a list of the five films that have most adjusted to what reality is today.

The Network (1995)

With Sandra Bullock as the protagonist, ‘The Network’ is one of the films that most closely resembles what we live today. Pay attention to the synopsis: a young systems analyst -or what is the same, a computer programmer- one day discovers the corruption and fraud that hackers have had through the Internet. From then on, she sees how all the details of her life that appear in the files are deleted or changed for something that they are not. This is not an isolated case, as it happens on a daily basis. Now everything moves through the network. In fact, already in 2013 some documents classified as top secret were published and it was done by a former employee of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Edward Snowden.

Minority Report (2002)

This film went through a deep documentation of the future, in order to predict what life would be like in the middle of the 21st century, just the one we are in today. At that time we had already passed the year 2000 and the Internet had already been installed among us as something normal. But the ads still couldn’t be personalized and it was this steven spielbergwith Tom Cruise as the protagonist, who prophesied that there would be ads to suit the consumer. Now we are no longer surprised when we talk about a product and, after a few seconds, it appears everywhere. And it is that, today, all companies use our data to give us what we want, something that this film already advanced in its day.

When Fate Catches Us (1973)

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