These are the foods and drinks that stain teeth the most


Enamel weakens over the years and many of the things we eat and drink, with very specific characteristics, accelerate this weakening.

These are the foods and drinks that m
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Large, healthy and, put to order, sincere. we love the XXL smiles, a la Julia Roberts, and in an immaculate white that, to be honest, is quite difficult to maintain as we get ‘mature’. Because, as much as we take care of ourselves, it is already known, there are natural processes that are relentless. “Enamel weakens over the years and there are some foods and drinks, with very specific characteristics, that accelerate this weakening. We must bear in mind that the teeth are exposed to chewing forces dailywhich can cause microfractures that undermine its integrity. Once the enamel deteriorates, the dentin of the tooth may be exposed, this being a much weaker layer that deteriorates more quickly. For this reason, before any symptom of wear or fracture, It is very important that we go to the dentist so that we can repair it”, explains Ignacio Pastor Tortosa, dentist and Head of Healthcare, Innovation and Clinical Quality at Sanitas Dental.

What are those foods and those drinks that damage tooth enamel the most? Pastor Tortosa leaves no doubts: “Mainly, those who may be more abrasive, sugary or acidic, such as carbonated beverages or beverages with excessive citric content; sauces with sugar content; citrus juices; carbonated drinks; undiluted lemon juice; candy and excessively hard nuts.

Does it also affect cold and heat? “The extreme temperature contrast it is not beneficial for the teeth. Something as common as chewing ice can be harmful to teeth, since continued exposure to extreme temperatures can cause sensitivity.”

What else needs to be taken into account? “Another important factor to consider is the enamel staining caused by food. Coffee, spices like turmeric, and other beverages like tea can stain the tooth, causing an unsightly effect. A correct brushing. at least three times a day, can avoid these stains.

Pastor Tortosa warns us about the danger of falling into the traps of social networks. “We should pay special attention to the very popular social network “challenges”, where people are urged to to file the teeth or use whitening products that have no control by a professional. In the short and medium term this can lead to a great deterioration of the teeth, being in some cases irreparable”.

Five tips for a healthy and beautiful smile

These are the basic recommendations of Sanitas Dental specialists to take care of your teeth:

Brush your teeth after every meal or at least twice a day.

Hygiene between the teeth using interdental brushes or floss is essential, as an accessory we can use a rinse.

Renew your brush every 3 months or whenever you see it worn out.

Go to your regular reviews and cleanings.

Eat a healthy and balanced diet, reducing sugar consumption and avoiding alcohol and tobacco.

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