These are the horror games that you can find on sale in the Store

The January sales will still be available for a few more days and this is the reason for you to take advantage of them

Of course, it cannot be said that there are no offers that we can take advantage of to get those games that we still have to play and that, for some reason, we could not buy them before. The PS Store is full of them in these Christmas festivities and It has games for absolutely all kinds of tastesbut today, I come to bring you a list of horror games that I recommend.

If horror games aren’t your thing, that’s okay, because previously, I also recommended a list of Sport games, driving games, games to play together and several very interesting packs for just under €20. These offers are present in the promotion of ‘January Sales’ from PS Store and will be active until next January 6/7Although some of them will be withdrawn on the 4th, so I wouldn’t think about it too much.

Discounted horror games on the PS Store

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If there is something that is not missing from this list, it is games to have fun and most importantly, at a reduced price in the PS Store that you should take advantage of in these last days of the promotion.

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