These are the Latin Grammys that Shakira has won in her career

(CNN Spanish) — The Latin Grammys are familiar territory for Colombian artist Shakira, who has earned the award since her first in 2000. Since then, Shakira has won 14 Latin Grammys and more than 30 nominations.

These are the Colombian awards and nominations at the Latin Grammys.

First Delivery – Year 2000

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Shakira won two Grammy Awards at the first annual Latin Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on September 13, 2000, one for Best Female Pop Artist and the other for Best Female Rock Vocal Artist. (Credit: Vince Bucci/AFP via Getty Images)

It received five nominations at the newly created awards: Best Music Video (Ojos Asi), Best Pop Album (MTV Unplugged) and Album of the Year (MTV Unplugged), Best Female Rock Voice (Eighth Day) and Best Female Voice (Ojos Asi). ).

That year she received two Latin Grammy Awards in the categories Best Female Rock Voice (Octavo Día) and Best Female Voice (Ojos Así).

That year Shakira received her first Grammy Award for Best Latin Pop Album for her “MTV Unplugged”.

Third installment – 2002

That year she received a nomination for Best Music Video for the single Suerte from her album Fijación Oral.

She was the winner of that category, defeating other artists such as Carlos Vives, Juanes, Paulina Rubio and Celia Cruz.

Fourth installment – 2003

In 2003, Shakira made a sneaky appearance at the Latin Grammys with a nomination for Best Rock Song for “Te Notice, Te Announcement (Tango)”, but did not win. The winner was Colombian Juanes, who won five awards that year for his album Un día normal.

Seventh installment – 2006

shakira latin grammy

Singer Shakira poses in the press room with the awards for Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Female Pop Vocal Album at the 7th Annual Latin Grammy Awards at Madison Square Garden in New York on November 2, 2006. (Photo by Brian Bader/Getty Images)

Shakira returned to the music scene with an album full of hits: Fijación Oral Vol. 1, which won the Latin Grammy for Album of the Year that year, with hits such as La Tortura with Alejandro Sanz.

In 2006 Shakira was nominated for Record of the Year and Song of the Year for “La Tortura” with Alejandro Sanz; Best Album of the Year and Best Female Pop Album for “Fización Oral Vol. 1”, and Best Music Video with “La Tortura”.

That year she won four out of five possible awards: Best Female Pop Album, Song of the Year, Album of the Year and Record of the Year.

These awards came a year after the Colombian artist won her second Grammy for Best Latin or Alternative Rock Album in 2005 for her album “Fización Oral Vol. 1”.

Eighth installment – 2007

The Colombian made a timid appearance again that year with only one nomination for the Latin Grammy for Record of the Year, with a collaboration with Beyoncé on the song Belo Embustero (Beautiful Liar), but she did not win the award. This category was won by Juan Luis Guerra with “The Key to My Heart”.

Twelfth installment – 2011

After years of musical silence at the Latin Grammys, Shakira returned to these awards four years later with three nominations: Album of the Year (for Sale el Sol), Best Short Form Music Video (Loca) and Best Female Vocal Album. (Sale el Sol). ,

That year she won the Latin Grammy for Best Female Vocal Album with “Sale el Sol”.

Thirteenth installment – 2012

This year the Colombian received a solo nomination for Best Long Version Music Video for her album “En Vivo Desde Paris”, but did not win the award. On this occasion, Juanes won the category with his “MTVUnplugged”. He also competed in that category with artists such as Caetano Veloso, Manuel Galban and Enrique Banbury.

Seventeenth Installment – 2016

Four years later, with the help of her compatriot tropical music singer Carlos Vives, Shakira once again appeared at the Latin Grammys with two nominations for her collaboration with Vives on “La Bicicleta”, which won two awards that year: Song of the Year. The year and the record of the year.

Shakira gradually returned to the world of music, leaving aside her pop style and increasingly entering urban music, with which she would surprise the following year.

Eighteenth Installment – 2017

In the year of Luis Fonsi’s “Despacio”, the Colombian once again indicated his extraordinary talent with his eleventh studio album El Dorado, which he released in May 2017, with great hits such as Chantaje, Nada, La Bicicleta . Which also gave him his third Grammy Award.

It received six nominations that year: Best Tropical Song (Déjà Vu), Song of the Year (Blackmail), Record of the Year (Blackmail), Best Urban Fusion/Performance (Blackmail), Album of the Year (El Dorado) and Best Contemporary Pop Vocal Album (The Golden).

Shakira won the Latin Grammy for Best Contemporary Pop Vocal Album that year with her album El Dorado.

Twenty-third installment – 2022

This was the arrival of a new stage in his career. The recently separated Shakira enjoyed such a string of successes from 2022 to 2023 that she is one of the most important artists working today, with MTV even recognizing her as a “Global Legend” at their 2023 ceremony. Gave.

That year, when the world knew the first songs of this different Shakira, who transformed more than ten years of separation with the Spanish football player Gerard Piqué into music, the Colombian was nominated for the Latin Grammy for “Te Felicito” with Rau Alejandro. Was nominated for. , the gateway to his successful career of the past year.

Shakira could not win the Latin Grammy in 2022.

Twenty-fourth installment – 2023

The Colombian singer was the winner of three Latin Grammy Awards at the ceremony in Seville, Spain: Best Urban Fusion Song for “TQG” with Karol G, and Best Pop Song and Song of the Year for “Music Session Vol.” 53″, which he shared with producer Bizarrap. With this, the number of Latin Grammys in his music career increased to 14.

Shakira received seven nominations in five categories.


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