These are the most scandalous divorces in Hollywood

Infidelities, slander and domestic violence are not something new among Hollywood stars, because of this, there have been scandalous celebrity divorces for several years.

Courtesy | Despite two decades elapsed, there are still some loose ends about the relationship of these two artists

The trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard for defamation is the center of attention within the show so far in this 2022.

Infidelities, slander and domestic violence are not something new among Hollywood stars, because of this, there have been scandalous celebrity divorces for several years.

In an interview with Diario 2001, the psychologist Magdalena Araque pointed out that there can be “a thousand reasons” for which a person ends up in a toxic relationship.

“The first step in dealing with a conflict of this kind is simply to recognize that you are not in a healthy relationship and decide if it is prudent for both of you to go to therapy or if it is urgent to get out of there,” said the specialist.

Here are six of the most controversial separations in entertainment in the last two decades.

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise

Two of the five star actors in Hollywood got married in December 1990: they are Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, who had two adopted children.

In this relationship, economic interests or gender violence were not manifested by any of the parties. However, the element that most affected the couple was the religious difference.

The protagonist of Mission Impossible worships Scientology, which is made up of a group of corporate entities dedicated to the practice, administration and dissemination of this new religion that is defined in various ways as a sect and its main foundation is the evolution of man, through analytics and a spiritual state called “clean”.

For her part, Nicole Kidman, a follower of Catholicism, assured that, during her marriage, she was forced on multiple occasions to join Scientology, by Cruise and her relatives; All this fact made the actress feel very uncomfortable. After a few years of rumors, in 2001 they separated.

The children they adopted, Isabella and Connor, chose to stay with their father and also became Scientologists.

Despite two decades elapsed, there are still some loose ends about the relationship of these two artists.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

In 2000, the famous actor of great leading roles in Fight Club and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Brad Pitt, married the beloved member of Friends as Rachel Green, Jennifer Aniston.

Some time later, in 2005, their marriage was affected by rumors and later confirmation of Pitt’s infidelity with Angelina Jolie after the filming of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

The actor and Jolie made their relationship official after the divorce between him and Aniston.

Currently, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not together; In addition, the interpreter of “David Mills” in Seven and Jennifer Aniston seem to have a good friendly relationship by being seen together at galas (SAG 2020 awards) and meetings; even live conferences with stage performances of love dialogues.

In addition, according to OK Magazine, the artists organized a party in which they invited several mutual friends.

In that sense, a source quoted in the publication noted that “they had a lot of fun meetings with friends.”

Similarly, Aniston assured CNN that she and Brad were good friends; “We talked and there is no weirdness at all.”

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills

This is not exactly a couple from Hollywood, even so, their breakup was one of the most scandalous among celebrities: it is the British singer and multi-instrumentalist Paul McCartney and the ex-model Heather Mills, who secretly married in 2002.

According to the newspaper El País, over time together, Mills reflected a strong character in his relationship with the former member of The Beatels. After the birth of her daughter Beatrice Milly, both starred in one of the most mediatic divorces.

The split became controversial when McCartney fans learned that in this engagement, the former couple never signed a prenuptial agreement and Mills initially demanded $250 million from the musician’s fortune.

Not only that, the activist also leaked documents, in which she claimed that McCartney was violent, an alcoholic and a drug user.

In addition, she pointed out that a few months after her wedding, the singer physically assaulted her.

After two years of extensive negotiations, in 2008 they divorced. By decision of the judge, Paul McCartney had to pay him 40 million dollars of the 170 that the model finally asked for.

Years later, the interpreter of No More Lonely Nights assured the British magazine ‘Q’ that one of the worst mistakes of his life was marrying Mills.

Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger
The popular “Terminator”, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the journalist Maria Shriver married in 1986, after almost a decade of romance. As a result of their life together, they had four children: Katherine, Christina, Patrick and Christopher.

After 25 years of marriage, the renowned couple ended their relationship, after learning that Schwarzeneger in 1996 was unfaithful to Maria with her housekeeper, Mildred Baena, who in 1997 gave birth to Joseph. The boy was born days apart from Patrick, the third of his children in wedlock.

Although the couple had been separated since 2011, their divorce was not yet official until 2021. The reason for this, according to TMZ, was that their lawyers did not find the best way to divide the couple’s assets, which amounted to 400 million dollars.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Mr. and Mrs. Smith, due to their popular lead roles in that 2005 film, also became a couple off the big screen.

The chemistry between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was one of the most talked about at the moment. However, it was not until 2011 that the famous decided to marry.

As a result of their relationship, the couple had three children, and two more adopted, in addition to Maddox from Cambodia, whom Jolie adopted in 2002.

According to the portal La Vanguardia, on September 14, 2016, after a fight on a plane, between Brad Pitt and his eldest son Maddox, who was then 15, caused Angelina Jolie to decide to separate from the actor and only six days after this fact She filed for divorce.

“I’m not the kind of person who makes decisions like the ones I had to take lightly,” the actress revealed in an interview with The Guardian. “It was really hard for me to be in a position where I felt like I had to separate myself from the father of my children.”

Despite this, Pitt was acquitted of allegations of child abuse against Maddox made by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.

Both actors did not reach an agreement on the terms of their separation. The legal dispute between the two was mainly due to the custody of her children, since Jolie requests full custody of the minors and Pitt a shared custody that allows him to raise them on her own.

This dispute also had strong accusations; For example, Angelina pointed out to the actor for not paying child support for her children for more than a year and a half.

However, Brad Pitt’s defense presented documents in court showing that he had turned over more than 9 million dollars since their separation.

In 2019 his divorce was finalized, but the actor’s struggle to maintain contact with his children continues. In addition to another lawsuit filed by Pitt, due to the sale made by his ex-wife of the Vineyard that they bought at her wedding.

Even in February, the statements of her daughter Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt came out in the eye of the hurricane, who expressed her “pain” for the constant confrontation of her parents as if they were “monsters.”

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

The beloved actor Johnny Depp and the beautiful actress Amber Heard met after the recording of the movie Diary of a Seducer in 2011.

Two years later, Depp and Heard announced that they were romantically involved. In 2014 they married, a marriage that lasted only 15 months.

For the separation, Heard alleged that she suffered from physical aggression by Depp after showing images of alleged bruises that, according to her, the interpreter of Captain Jack Sparrow gave her.

This scandal affected the actor’s career, taking important roles in films such as Pirates of the Caribbean and the Fantastic Beasts saga.

Given the (unproven) accusations, Depp compensated Amber with 7 million dollars, money that he assured, he would donate to a foundation.

Everything remained until in 2018, the actress reported in an article for The Sun, that she was a victim of domestic violence, without mentioning Johnny’s name, but with many references to him, for which he sued Heard for defamation.

This year the televised trial began, in which different witnesses and the protagonists of the legal problem have taken the stand to give their version of the facts of this relationship that many experts classified as “toxic” as the main characteristic.

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