These are the six reasons why WhatsApp will close your account from April 1

WhatsApp has just modified its usage policies, which means that Many of your users could lose the app if they don’t follow these rules.

It will take up to 30 days for the account to be deleted, because the company requires some time to process all the messages that are sent and received in your account. If someone sends you a message during that time, you will receive a notification that your account has been deactivated.

Some days ago, the platform announced the definitive closure of many accounts for these six reasons. many of these Restrictions were already in place, but the company recalled through a statement the causes for which it can close an account, which will become effective as of April 1. These are the six causes that could cause your account to be closed:

The main reason to close an account it will be if you are inactive for more than 120 days in a row. As the company explains in its Help Center, the measure obeys “in order to maintain security, limit data retention and protect the privacy of users”. As he explains, it is considered that there is inactivity when the user does not connect to WhatsApp.

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For the account to be active, you need to have an Internet connection. If the user has the WhatsApp app open on the device, but is not connected to the Internet, the account is inactive.

Content stored on the user’s device prior to account deletion will remain there until WhatsApp is deleted from the phone. When a user logs back into WhatsApp on the same device, the locally stored content reappears.

Other reasons will be the use of an alternative application, called WhatsApp Plus, which can be downloaded for Android phones, but is not the official version of the program. Many users prefer this alternative, because as its name tries to make believe the “Plus” version, which has nothing to do with the company Meta, owner of WhatsApp.

This model, among other “virtues”, allows you to recover deleted messages, change the background or download the photo of any contact you have savedpossibility not available in the original version of the application.

WhatsApp Plus image.

It is a one type of programs known as APKs, ie an android file that can be downloaded to the cell phone and use all the tools that another application has, in this case, WhatsApp.

However, using this alternative version, although apparently it offers some virtues that its original model does not have, it also carries some dangers that not many users are aware of.

One of the biggest reasons not to use this type of APK is that the conversations are not encrypted. Basically that means that the chats do not have any level of security and can be seen by other people, unlike the WhatsApp original.

You also have to consider that with WhatsApp Plus you lose the backup of all the conversations. It is an advantage that the original WhatsApp gives that allows a copy of the users’ chats to be made every day so that when they change their cell phone or number they can retrieve these conversations.

The company also wants end the use of spam on the platform. Therefore, when you detect a person or company creating broadcast lists or groups to send mass messages, they can also close this account.

WhatsApp can differentiate between conversations with a contact registered on the phone and those that occur with a Unknown number. Sending repetitive and massive messages to phones that are not scheduled will attract the attention of the application team, which could estimate the sending of spam or other types of information that the user or recipient probably does not want to receive.

Users whose accounts have been blocked more than five times in less than a day may also lose their accounts. This occurs when blocks occur with people who are outside of the contact list. The remote program that scans the millions of users determines that these blocks are probably related to the mass sending of inappropriate messages.

This case is related to the previous one, and it also has to do with the company’s interest that users do not use WhatsApp to send spam.

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WhatsApp, like Facebook, is fighting fake news. In order to improve its filters, the app will delete the account of those people who are responsible for disseminating fake news.

In this effort, on September 14, Facebooktoday renamed Meta and owner of WhatsApp, joined the Chilean medium Fast Check CL to its independent fact-checkers program in Chilepart of a global initiative with more than 80 organizations working in 60 languages ​​with the aim of reduce misinformation on the platform and strengthen the quality of online news.

Another reason to cancel the account, there is the sending of files, documents or links that the company may consider inappropriate.

These documents include spreading rumours, sending links to malware and viruses, sharing pornography, illegal, obscene, defamatory, libelous, threatening, harassing, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive material, as well as potentially facing prosecution, you could also carry the term of your account.

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