These are the songs that are trending on Spotify Ecuador today

These are the titles most searched for by Spotify subscribers. (infobae)

Music Industry Companies and Artists Got an alternative in streaming platforms So that the songs can reach more people and more countries, a good example of this is Spotify, which has taken advantage and is already positioned as one of the favorite channels used by the Ecuadorian public.

However, faced with an extensive music catalog that characterizes the new millennium, it is easy to overlook the latest news or the most listened to songs of the moment, which is why Spotify offers A list of your topics that are currently engaging your users,

1. QLONA (W Featherweight)

Karol ji

After garnering 85,661 views, KAROL G’s song is quite successful among the users of this platform. Even today it remains at the first position.

2. Lala



Quevedo’s “Colombia” has taken its place among the favorite songs of the moment. It has 63,930 views, which is why it remains at third position.

4. Classy 101 (with Young Miko)

5. My ex was right

Karol ji

“My Ex Was Right” keeps playing streamingAfter climbing the favorites list and ranking fifth, with 53,062 views.

6. Seven (with Latto)

7. Bitterness

Karol ji

If we talk about public favourites, we must definitely mention Karol ji. Perhaps this is why “Amargura” came into existence. ranking Straight to seventh place, as it received a total of 49,222 views.

8. Holland

9. Where do you learn to love?


The tune in Mora is declining: it has already reached the ninth position. Its 41,855 views are not enough to recover from the decline.

10. First date

*Some data may not be available because the platform does not provide it.

In the music industry, Ecuador is one of the most difficult countries to conquer, but for those who manage to do so, the doors to success are sure to open, as these artists have achieved.

spotify has become one of the most important streaming platforms that allows over 515 million users Listen to music from over seven million artists, as well as a variety of podcasts.

To be able to enjoy the services, simply choose one of them Plan of With different benefits depending on the price, although it also allows users listen to free musicHowever, this mode contains ads and does not allow you to download songs to play offline.

To start a session in Spotify, simply download the application on your cell phone or visit the website from your computer, then the user must register with their email address, phone number or Facebook account.

Another thing to consider is that you can only play content one tool at a timeBut you can log in on different devices.

Spotify has become one of the most competitive streaming platforms. (Spotify)

Like every year, the streaming platform revisited the most popular songs and these were the artists and songs that managed to enthrall the world in 2022.

successful topic As done by Harry Styles After winning the title of Best Song of the Summer, it took first place; After this, Heat Waves by British indie rock band Glass Animals is the second most listened to song of 2022.

Australian support The Kid Laroi with Canadian Justin Bieber for Single Stay It became the third most listened to song worldwide.

While the fourth and fifth positions were occupied by Latin artists bad bunnyWho managed to conquer the world with his song Me Porto Bonito, a collaboration with Chancho Corleone as well as Titi Me Pregunto.

About the most listened to artistsPuerto Rican musician and singer Bad Bunny also strengthened three times championshipA position he has held since 2020 and which no other artist has been able to achieve.

Another one of the most anticipated was in 2022 Taylor Swift, which made him the second most played artist globally following his triumphant return to the music scene. At the local level it was ranked first in countries such as Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Malaysia, Philippines, New Zealand, Qatar, Slovenia and Singapore.

The remainder of the list was completed by the presence of two Toronto natives:Drake and The Weeknd, While in fifth place appears the K-pop group, bts,

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