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Although they no longer share any relationship, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt continue to have the bond of their children as an eternal bond. Since 2016, Hollywood celebrities have left their marriage behind and now focus on making them stand out in their future life projects.

The co-star of “Eternals” changed her priorities since her divorce, deciding to prioritize her home and therefore her children. Since then, Maddox (20), Pax (18), Zahara (17), Shiloh (16), and the 14-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox, occupy her life, in addition to her return to the recording set.

Angelina has become inseparable from her offspring, and although we always see them accompanying her, the youngsters pursue their educational studies and also have other complementary activities.

These are the studies of the children of Angelina Jolie

In February 20221, Angelina gave an interview to British Vogue and in it she confessed that “she lacked many skills to be a traditional housewife”. However, she stated that she always wanted to have a large family and thanks to her adoptive and biological children, today that dream is fulfilled.

With a world disrupted by the pandemic, the movie superstar revealed that she is proud of her children, having multicultural beings that she considers them her best team, because together they are capable of achieving everything to be a family.

At that time, the actress spoke of hope in youth and before that, she mentioned a little about what her children do on a daily basis.

The first of them, Maddox, Turned into a man, he continues his studies at Yonsei University in Seoul. Since 2019, the actress shared what it was like to leave her son in this house of studies that she chose among many options in various countries.

With the arrival of the coronavirus, he paused and returned to his home in Los Angeles, while the protocols of the pandemic were complied with, he continued his activities through online classes.

In addition to studying Biochemistry, the handsome young man born in Cambodia, also studies several languages, including Russian and Korean.

peoplefor his part, also finished his last year at High School, and last year it was learned that when they were on holiday in New York, a university in the city of skyscrapers would be selected.

Like his brothers, he chose a language, and in his case that of his country of origin, Vietnam, to learn it.

The two older brothers are very supportive of their mother, after the separation in which, according to international media reports, originated from the impasse between Maddox and Brad Pitt, aboard a private plane.

It’s great for Angelina that her eyes can keep in touch with her origins. Therefore, she highlighted at the time how excited she is that Mad holds online conversations in the languages ​​she chose to learn, Korean and Russian.

On Zahara, who was born in Eiopia, mentioned that he already obtained his driver’s license in the midst of a health crisis, protecting himself in order to obtain it without fail. The young woman, who inherited her mother’s elegance and taste for fashion, speaks French.

The young woman is the one who accompanies Angelina to meetings in the United States Congress, where the artist asked the authorities to restore the rights lost by women and children in the fight against gender violence in that country.

Convinced in giving her support to everything they decide to do, Angelina was clear that her children are free to choose their future.

“I prefer that they themselves decide as they grow up, immersing them in varied environments, encouraging them to make friends from different cultures, in short, to live and feel as many emotions and experiences as possible,” he said in a review published by the magazine Who.

Shilohlike his parents, has been interested in artistic expressions, specifically pop dance, and for this reason his videos have gone viral on the networks.

Since he began his classes at the Millennium Dance Complex, directed by choreographer Hamilton Evans, in Los Angeles, California, his millions of fans have known what his favorite hobby is: dancing.

The teenager rehearses and little by little the evolution obtained after months of practices and classes in hip hop styles is seen, a genre in which the young girl surprises with the skills developed in such a short time.

In addition to dancing, her mother told BBC Radio’s Woman’s Hour in 2016 that her biological firstborn is learning Khmami, the official language of Cambodia.

The youngest of the Jolie-Pitts, the twins Vivienne and Knoxchose to learn Arabic and sign language, respectively.

This confirms Angelina’s express interest that her children be related to their roots and linked to their cultural heritage. (AND)

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