These are the symptoms of the new super contagious mutation of covid

Every day that passes you learn something new about the new mutation of the covid, the XE variantwhich according to WHO could be the most contagious from to history This variant of the virus, which was detected for the first time last January in United Kingdomhas not so far offered a behavior different from that of omicron.

The XE variant is the result of the combination of Omicron and its ‘silent’ sublineage BA.2 and causes similar symptoms: fever, cough, mucus, tiredness Y headacheas revealed by results initials of study on its incidence its symptoms that the United Kingdom Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has done.

So far, omicron is generally known to infect faster than the other variants, but his symptoms disappeared sooner than usual. Of course, it is also the variant of coronavirus with the minor incubation period. In this sense, there is also no evidence to show that the XE variant is more transmissible than omicron or that vaccines are more effective on this mutation, the report clarifies.

UK authorities have studied more than 600 cases that have been detected to date of this subvariant in the British country. “There is not enough evidence to draw conclusions about the properties” of the XE variant or other mutations such as XD and XF, those responsible for the study reported, believing that “recombinant variants are not an unusual occurrence.” For this reason, from the UKHSA they affirm that “like other types, most will become extinct relatively quickly”.

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