These costumes will be the most popular in Halloween 2023

In a new report, Google shared data about Halloween Costumes with Look for more this 2023, it will definitely take a few boredBut we will give you some tips so that Make the most of them and become the best version of yourself.

At this moment, you are exactly on time That the same thing doesn’t happen to you every year, not planning the outfit properly And in just one hour, it has to be done Make last minute corrections. If you don’t like dressing up Character On Halloween, there are several options on this list that can help you.

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halloween costumes 2023
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What will be the most popular costumes of Halloween 2023 according to Google?

1. Witch

What can we tell you? Just a classic.

We’re not surprised that this is the most searched costume on the internet, after all, it’s so easy to make, it’s Scary And it gets you out of trouble. If you want to make your own version of this this Halloween 2023, try these options.

Eras Tour Evermore Witches

classic scarlet witch

2. Spider Man

Absolutely Spider Man it had to be him No. 2 in listBut how about trying a dress this year gwen stacy In Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse,

3. stranger things

If you’re as big a fan of this series as we are, I don’t know what you’re waiting for to be your next costume stranger things, There are also several options that you can use. From eleven, hellfire club, chrissy or if you are a lover fantasy makeupA, your own version Vekana,

4. Fairies

This outfit was very popular last year and what we like most about it is that you can complement it with Super cute makeup. Kendall Jenner already had her own version.

5. Pirate

For this outfit, all you need is A white dress or shirt, several necklaces and a bandana. Some? burgundy lips And smoky eyesthey are perfect with him Feeling,

6. Cheerleader

We know, you also thought the same thing as us. There’s no better costume than this for Halloween Maddie and Cassie as cheerleaders Excitement, Additionally, you can recreate your outfit Taylor Swift in the video of “shake it off”,

Maddie and Cassie

“shake it off”

7. Cowboy

with renaissance tour Of Beyoncécostumes of space Cowboy This will be one of the most popular this year. You still have time to start making your silver mirror hat.

8.Harley Quinn

Everything margot robbie this is a Yes From us.

To get this costume, you can find things in your wardrobe for the costume and with the help of TIC TocYou can recreate her makeup.

9. Joker

now is the time Get creative with your makeupP. You can choose from a variety of makeup and more basic and more glamor or go for another one detailed And difficult,

10. Vampire

Thank you olivia rodrigo to give us the best inspection A for this year vampire costume Obviously, don’t forget the X-shaped Band-Aids on your neck.

11. 80’s

When we think of 80s attire, the first thing that comes to mind is Disco, Madonna, Michael Jackson and Elton John, So this is your chance to dress up as your favorite music icon.

12. Cheat

If you have a group of friends, Sister’s sanderson’s Cheat They are the best dresses of this season.

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