These haircuts have an instant rejuvenating effect

There is a wide variety of styles when it comes to hair. However, some favor and rejuvenate more than others and, on many occasions, we settle for a haircut for fear of risking, leaving the comfort zone and that it does not suit our face, but the truth is that there are styles that take years away and refresh the features. of the face with a scissor blow. The fringe is one of the most popular cuts and changes so far in 2022, while the short hair in all its versions wins whole. If you want to know what hair trend to bet on to achieve the definitive look (and that the celebrities), pay attention to the haircuts that we propose.


In addition to giving an extra volume to the hair, the bob with undone waves It brings naturalness to the face, enhancing its features. And it is that the bob cut, in all its versions, continues to be a trend this spring-summer 2022. Cate Blanchett knows how to take advantage of them and rejuvenate her face. With the parting on one side and using a tongs or hair straightener, he has marked an open wave to later undo them with his fingers or with a wide-blade comb.


Audrey Hepburn already wore it in the 50’s and Linda Evangelista in the 90’s and they are icons of fashion and beauty. For something to be. The pixie cut is a risky haircut that rejuvenates the face in a single gesture. If you combine it with short layers and side bangs like actress Daisy Ridley, it softens the features of the face, as well as being a very feminine and comfortable haircut to wear. Sharon Stone’s word.


Who has not ever dreamed of Jennifer Aniston’s hair? At 53 years old, he haircut of the actress continues to be one of the most desired (and demanded) in hairdressing salons. It is a cut that lasts years thanks to its long layers and the parade of the sides combined with the golden babylights. The wicks give depth and luminosity to the face and, although it normally shows off its mane in a smooth finish and the parting in the middle, she plays with changing the parting to the side and, on occasions, she wears undone waves. Without a doubt, a mane of the most versatile.

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The haircut you are looking for in 2022 is here

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